Having Firm National Cultural Confidence and Create a New Glory of Chinese Culture

Date:2021-12-08 10:26:35 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    General secretary Xi Jinping wrote in the report of the 19th CPC national congress that without high-level of cultural confidence, there would be no cultural prosperity and the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. This statement is made with the aim to develop the socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era; to build a socialist modern country in all aspects and to realize the rejuvenation of Chinese nation. It represents the CPCs high-level cultural awareness and cultural stance and the partys lofty cultural ideal and strong cultural responsibility. Theres profound significance in the reality and the history for China to inspire the CPC and the Chinese people to shoulder new responsibility; to step forward to realize the goal to promote the prosperity of socialist culture; to create new glory of Chinese culture and to build a socialist country with strong culture.

    A countrys, a nationalitys and a partys having cultural confidence means that they are confident in their cultural ideal and cultural value as well as their vitality and creativity. Its repeatedly shown by the history and the reality that a nationality abandoning or betraying its history and culture is not only unlikely to grow, but also likely to cause historical tragedy one after another. Its safe to say that cultural confidence connects not only to the prosperity of a culture, but also to the destiny of a country, a nation and a party. Chinese nation has been having cultural confidence for a long time. Because Chinese have confidence in and are proud of its own culture, its able to thrive after hardship and maintain its perseverance to safeguard, courage to work hard and vitality to create, contributing to its success as the greatest nationality in the world. Since the founding of the CPC, the party has been a leader and a practitioner of Chinas advanced culture as well as an inheritor and a promoter of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture. In the 97 years of hard work, the CPC has been stick to its cultural belief and pursuit, no matter strong or weak, in a favorable circumstance of adversity. With this internal spiritual support, the CPC can lead and solidify people to conquer difficulties and to create miracles one after another.

    After the CPCs 18th national congress, the CPC Central Committee with Xi Jinping as its core alleviated cultural confidence to an unprecedented high level and brought up the confidence in socialist path with Chinese characteristics for a new era, in theory, in system and in culture, so the three confidence” was expanded to the four confidence. Xi Jinping made a series of important statement regarding cultural confidence, including: cultural confidence is more basic, wide-spread and profound confidence: cultural confidence is a major issue relating to the national fate, cultural security and the independence of the national spirit and the most fundamental thing of Chinas confidence in theory, system and socialist path with Chinese characteristics is confidence in culture. Under Xi Jinpings scientific guidance of cultural confidence, the CPC and the whole society have better understanding of the significance of the cultural confidence; use cultural confidence to inherit and promote the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and take action to develop the revolutionary culture and socialist advanced culture. The past five years have seen the party, the country and the socialist cultural construction carried out historical reform and gained historical achievement. A most obvious proofs are improved cultural confidence, increased ability for innovation and creation of all nationalities, enhanced national cultural soft power, improved influence of Chinese culture and strengthened spiritual power of the CPC and Chinese people. They are an important indication of the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era and a significant result of people's great socialist revolution led by the CPC.

    Now, we embark on a new journey with new responsibilities. To realize the aim of inspiring party members and Chinese people to work hard for the grand goal, we need to work hard for the success of the socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, enhance confidence in culture and use firm cultural confidence to support the confidence in path, theory and system. Having cultural confidence means the confidence in socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, not in other culture. Socialist culture with Chinese characteristics originates from the outstanding traditional Chinese culture from more than 5000 years of Chinese civilization and history; integrate the revolutionary culture and the socialist advanced culture created in people’s revolution, construction and reform led by the CPC and stems from the socialist practice with Chinese characteristics. The profound and amazing outstanding traditional Chinese culture composes the high-level spiritual pursuit of Chinese nation, the most fundamental spiritual gene of the Chinese nation, the most distinctive spiritual mark of the Chinese nation and the most solidified basis of Chinese confidence in culture. The ambitious revolutionary culture and the vibrant socialist advanced culture is the higher level of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture, the vivid representative of the great innovative spirit of the CPC and the Chinese people, the spiritual highland of the CPC and the Chinese People and the strong foundation of the confidence in culture. As a result, to promote the socialist cultural prosperity with high-level of cultural confidence, we need to step forward on the path of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics; to stick to the stance of Chinese culture; to consider the condition of the current China; to combine the condition of this era; to push forward the innovative transformation and development of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture; inherit and promote the revolutionary culture and develop socialist advanced culture.

    Its worth noticing that having firm cultural confidence is not self-isolation. The more confident we are, the more positive and inclusive we are when treat foreign culture and the more likely we are to develop in the exchanges and interaction with foreign culture. Under the new condition of this era, if we want to promote the prosperity of the Chinese culture, we need to remember our origin, learn the beneficial part of foreign cultures, meet future requirement and be open and inclusive; participate in exchanges of the world civilizations with more confidence and inclusive attitude and learn the achievements of human civilization to enhance the influence and the learning ability of Chinese culture.

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