Cultural Confidence is an Attitude of Being Innovative and Inclusive

Date:2021-12-08 09:25:41 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    Cultural confidence means our culture has origin and tradition.

    The development of Chinese civilization hasnt ceased in thousands of years. In retrospect, its impossible to say that we havent experience numerous disasters. Continual culture give Chinese nationality the ability to repair itself and to recover. Thousands of years have seen Chinese to form our own value standard as well as our ideas of nature, society and people. Also, Chinese culture is diverse, multi-national and multi-regional. Chinese culture has origin because it originated in the land of Chinese nationality. Its beginning started from natural environment. Peoples interaction from the surrounding environment was a mutual-shaping process when choices were made by people and the environment, leading to unique production and living styles. As a result, the confidence in culture is that in tradition, and a recognition to ways of production and life on this piece of land. Tradition gives rise to our glorious past and will definitely give us an amazing future.

    Of course, cultural confidence cant be fully found on the respect and inheritance of tradition. History tells us that our culture has been growing, reforming, innovating, discording and absorbing. Tradition indicates not only the past, but also the present. The most important part of cultural confidence is to believe that the tradition is capable of growing and to believe that culture has the ability to conduct self-creation and reform. The transformation of the production mode leads to shorter and shorter period for cultural substitution, so if our creation is not fast enough, there can be a cultural fracture.

    As a result, we need to encourage innovation, instead of repeating the past. Chinese literature has a long history, from The Book of Songs, The Songs of Chu, poetry in the Han Dynasty and tales of human and mysterious novel to poetry of the Tang Dynasty, song poems, a type of verse popular in the Yuan Dynasty and chapter novel in Ming and Qing Dynasty. They are different literature peaks of different periods. They brings various literary forms as well as indicates aesthetic transformation, meaning peoples various view of the world; new humane theory and value and peoples realization of the potential of their native language. When compared with nature, technology supports us to have richer and unprecedented literary forms. This large scale of creation brings people not only cultural achievement, but also development and shaping of people.

    Cultural confidence is also respect to other people. Mr. Fei Xiaotong especially advocated cultural diversity. Accompanying the the common community for human with a shared fate is a cultural community for human. Common community represents not being identical, but being diverse in harmony. Self and others coexist with mutual respect, mutual learning and understand in this community. Just like Mr. Fei Xiaotongs famous statement meaning that everyone need to cherish what they like and let others to have what they like, so the whole will be in harmony. When we review the developing process of Chinese civilization, we can notice that it has always progressing with other cultures.

    The study of literature has clearly reviewed that Chinese cultural tradition has many elements form other cultures. Taken literature as an example, theres no literature of Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties without Buddhism from abroad and no prosperous poems of Tang Dynasty without music from the western region. The emergence of the new literature of the May Forth Movement was partly due to the bringism” of cultural forerunners who supported the revolutionary transformation of Chinese literature with the push of science and democracy. In retrospect, while reading these classics, we no longer need to tell domestic and foreign components apart, because those foreign cultural factors are already integrated into the tradition of Chinese culture and its now an organic part. So cultural confidence is not being conservative, but the attitude of open and learning and the belief that Chinese culture can have equal exchanges with and learn from other cultures in the world to create new things to contribute to the human civilization.

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