The Ministry of Culture and Tourism Held a Party History Education Report and Communication Conference

Date:2021-12-07 10:23:52 Source:Ministry of Culture and Tourism Author:Organizing Committee

    On December 7th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism held a party history education report and communication conference. Hu Heping, minister, secretary of the leading party group and head of the leading group of the party history education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He stressed that the government needs to learn the important speech delivered by the general secretary Xi Jinping on July 1st and the spirit of the CPCs 6th plenary session of the 19th central committee. Party members need to learn the party history to have a better understanding of the rules, honesty, morality and action as well as to learn the party history, know thoughts, do real work and start a new condition, so as to guarantee the effect of the education on party history. Attendees include Wang Xudong, La Yifan, Lu Yingchuan and Rao Quan. Wu Jiasong, vice director of the 15th instruction group of the central committee of the party history education, participated in the conference.

    Hu Heping stressed that theoretical research is an important content of party history education and a foundation to push forward the practice of reform and development. Since the start of the education on party history, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has been attaching importance to the arrangement to organize party members to learn the party history; to learning Xi Jinpings important speech delivered on July 1st and the spirit of the CPCs 6th plenary session of the 19th central committee. Theoretical research has been conducted continuously and has received abundant results which are with distant subject, prominent key point, rich content, wide coverage, origination from reality and strong guidance. The conference further enhance the understanding of the major achievement, precious experience and important enlightenment of the CPC cadres in the last 100 years of leadership in culture and tourism. The conference also strengthen the CPCs confidence and resolution to build a socialist country with strong culture and to promote the high-level development of tourism under the strong leadership of the CPC.

    Hu Heping said that doing real work for people” is a specific measure of learning history and taking action” as well as a vivid representation of the CPCs remembering the original aspiration and keeping ones mission in mind and always working hard. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will see doing real work for people” as an important work; improve coordination, planing and organization; stipulate lists for projects and push forward implement; improve the quality of servicing people; organize departments to advocate party members to inherit and promote outstanding traditions; focus on peoples need, popular topics of the society and difficulties in work and bring up measures and requirements; implement all tasks and solve problems for people for achievements of this stage.

    Hu Heping said that party history is a major political task of this year, so we need to continue to work hard, maintain good working momentum and do the work of the next stage well. Party members need to learn the following aspects: the rich content of the CPCs 6th plenary session of the 19th central committee; the mainline of the struggle, essence, glory history and amazing achievement of the CPCs struggle in the last 100 years; historical achievement and reform of the socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era; the historical experience of the historical significance of the five aspects” and the historical experience of the ten persistence” and the important requirement to see history as experience and to create a future. Learning and understanding thoughts is an important task of party history education. The CPC will continue to push forward the theoretical research and interpretation, especially Xi Jinpings statement relating to culture and tourism, so as to use partys innovative theory to guide out work. The CPC needs to improve doing real work for people” so people will see the change and feel the effect by themselves. Relating department should do the following work of the party history education and use the result of the education to solve problems, summarize experience and promote the work of the center. The requirement must be met to meet the target of this year and to plan the work for tomorrow.

    During the conference, the representatives winning the award of the party history education exchanged their idea with others. Some departments reported their result of doing real work for people. Attendees of the conference included departments of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, discipline inspection team in the ministry, heads of subordinate departments, officials and head team of the party history education of the ministry and the head of the instruction team.

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