Having Cultural Awareness and Firm Confidence in Culture

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    The general secretary Xi Jinping said that we need to have confidence in path, theory, system and most importantly, culture.” So what is confidence in culture? It means an ethnic group, a nation and a party recognize their cultural value, adhere to the standards of the value and be confident in the vitality of the culture. In recent years, people talk more about and pay more attention to cultural awareness and cultural confidence.

    Since the 18th CPC national congress, Xi Jinping has talked about cultural confidence, his view on cultural theory and his overall idea of cultural in multiple occasions. At the 13th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on February 2nd, 2014, Xi Jinping said that Chinas firm confidence in path, theory and system are based on cultural confidence from more than 5000 years of civilization. In the May and June of 2016, Xi Jinping stressed cultural confidence” twice, saying that having firm confidence in path, theory and system all comes down to confidence in culture.

    In his speech at the 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Xi Jinping interpreted the cultural confidence, saying its a kind of confidence thats more fundamental, widespread and profound. Its context is more solemn, ideas more unique and attitude more determined, expressing that its an idea of culture and guidance.

    Its written in the report of the 19th CPC national congress that culture is the soul of a nation and of a ethnic group. The nation prosper if its culture does and an ethnic group becomes stronger if its culture dose” and the Chinese nationality wont rejuvenate without high-level of cultural confidence and prosperous culture.

    First, we need to analyze the profound outstanding traditional Chinese culture. It can enhance the courage and determination to be Chinese. Its our profoundest cultural soft power, the origin of Chinese cultural development and the highest-level spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation. There are spiritual driving forces for Chinese nation to progress, including the struggling spirit expressed by “constantly strive to become stronger”; patriotism expressed by “repay the country with supreme loyalty”; a sense of responsibility from everyone is responsible for his country’s rise or fall”; sense of sacrifice from “laying down one's life for a just cause” and innovative spirit of “destroying the old and establish the new”. Besides, there are also the social ideal from the “man is an integral part of nature” and “the whole world is one community”; governance theory from people-centered idea” and people are the foundation of  a country; awareness of the potential danger from “while water can carry a boat, it can also overturn it, just like what people can do to its country” and preparing for the potential danger in the time of safety; idea of peace from “military forces are to be used only for the maintenance of peace and order” and “peace among all nations”; governance idea from implementation of law and Confucianism” and the combination of morality and punishment” as well as the eastern wisdom of “harmony and peacefulness are prized” and harmony in diversity, all of which are origin for Chinese way to govern a country. Even the concept of building a moderately prosperous society, an ideal social condition having been pursuing by Chinese form the ancient time, is form Book of Rites·Li Yun.

    Second, we need to analyze distinctive and progressing revolutionary culture. There are Jinggangshan spirit, long march spirit, Yanan spirit, Xibaipo spirit, Leifeng spirit, Daqing spirit, spirit of "Two Bombs and One Satellite, space flight spirit, Beijing Olympic spirit and the spirit of earthquake relief, all of which are precious treasure full of characteristics of Chinese nation and this era; originating from the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and continuously improved in a new circumstance, so as to lay a solid foundation of cultural construction under new historical condition.

    Third, we need to analyze the transitioning socialist advanced culture. Its the inheritance and development of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture and the revolutionary culture as well as the cultural creation of Marxism. The distinctive features of the socialist advanced culture are the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, national spirit with patriotism as the core, the spirit of this era with the reform and innovation as the core and socialism outlook for honor and dishonor. In decades of social practice, we have created Chinese path, mode and miracle, which prove that socialist advanced is full of vitality and can represent the direction of the progress of human civilization.

    Chinas cultural confidence comes from not only the inheritance, innovation and the development of cultural, but also the vitality of socialism of Chinese characteristics as well as the bright future of the realization of China dream.

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