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A Discussion of the China-Arab Community with a Shared Future

Date:2020-12-01 17:59:43 Source:People’s Daily Author:Organizing Committee

    On November 26th, the Expert Meeting of China-Arab Reform and Development was held online, during which guests from China and Arabic States discussed topics including but not limited to “mutual construction of the China-Arab community with a shared future” and “the construction of a multilateral communication platform for gulf area”.

    The friendly communication between China and Arabic States remains unfading despite that it started a long time ago. Gafar Karar, Sudan’s ambassador to China, said that the two countries had frequent economic, trade and cultural exchanges in the past, so our fates were closely connected, which formed a solid historical foundation to build a China-Arab community with a shared future. In recent years, China and Arab had been supporting each other in issues of core interest and major concerns, enhancing cooperation continuously and promoting regional stability and mutual development. The director of Saudi Arabia Research and Knowledge Communication Center said that under the current situation, enhanced cooperation was needed more then any time in the history.

    Arab States were in the connection area of the “Belt and Road”, so they were natural partners. The foreign minister consultant of Iraq said that the mutual construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative made the connection more close between Chinese and people in countries and regions along the route. The executive directer of the Jordan Middle-East Research Center pointed out that the cooperative construction of the “Belt and Road” stimulated the potential of the Arab world, contributing to the regional safety and stability of politics and economy. After the pandemic, Arabic countries should enhance it’s cooperation with China and build the “Belt and Road” in to a health route to maintain people’s health and safety.

    Ever since the pandemic, China and Arabic countries had been helping each other to overcome difficulties, which was a vivid description of the shared fate. The director of Department of Political Science and Public Administration of Portsaid University in Egypt said that pandemic couldn’t interrupt the friendly cooperation between China and Arabic countries. Wang Guangda, executive director of China-Arab Reform and Development Research Center, said that the cooperation between the two countries to fight against the pandemic added more content to the China-Arab community with a shared future, enabling China-Arab strategic partnership to have a more solid foundation and a brighter future.

    Not long ago, China advocated that with the prerequisite of protecting the comprehensive agreement concerning Iran nuclear, there was the need to construct a multilateral communication platform for gulf area, so as to introduce new driving force to ease the tension and to reach the consensus to safeguard regional peace and stability. Attending experts agreed on the advocation. The chairman of the “Mediterranean Development Advocation” Committee said that he praised and supported China’s effort to solve crisis, maintain peace and promote development. Also, he was willing to work hand in hand with China to realize the common goals to safeguard regional peace and stability; to construct a safe oasis in the gulf and Arabic areas and to build a community for mankind with a shared future. Li Chengwen, affairs ambassador of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum of China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, said that for a long time, China had been participating in regional affairs; devoted to ease regional tension and solve disagreements; deepening win-win cooperation with Arabic States and helping to solidify the basis of stability and development.

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