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Projects and Innovations like Big Data were Promoted in the 7th Youth Innovation Forum of China and Belarus

Date:2020-11-17 09:35:37 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organizing Committee

    The 7th Youth Innovation Forum of China and Belarus named “New Horizon-2020” was held in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It attracted young researchers and nearly 300 students from 20 universities in China and Belarus. They attended the forum both online and offline and promoted plenty of projects and innovations.

    In the forum, attendees promoted their projects and innovation relating to industry 4.0, including big data, cloud computing, IOT, information security and AR. They also exchanged ideas on mechanics, material, culture, education, economy and other projects.

    The chairman of the Belarus National Science and Technology Committee said on the opening ceremony that in recent years, China and Belarus had cooperated in more projects and more fields. Those already finished had achieved practical results. The two countries had also lunched collaborations in the construction of infrastructure. Students and young scholars participated in the innovative and development cooperation between our two countries. He believed that the forum would inject new energy into China-Belarus cooperation.

    Zhang Jishan, official at the science and education department of China’s embassy to Belarus, said that Belarus actively participated in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and had held Youth Innovation Forum of China and Belarus for consecutive years, making it an effective platform for young student’s discussion and mutual-learning which were conducive to the deepening of the scientific and research cooperation between the two countries.

    Youth Innovation Forum of China and Belarus was initiated by the Confucius Institute of Belarus State Technological University, and was organized by China’s Northeastern University and Belarus State Technological University. The forum had been held once every year since 2014, with the aim to push the research and development as well as the business cooperation between two countries’ students and young scholars. The forum had been supported by universities, scientific and research institutions as well as science, technology and education departments of China and Belarus.

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