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Jiangsu: Nanjing Tourism and Culture Week is unveiled in Berlin

Date:2019-05-22 09:51:00 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organization

In the evening of May 17th, the Nanjing Tourism and Culture Week was unveiled at China Culture Center in Berlin, Germany. It consists of Nanjing tourism and cultural promotion themed “A beautiful and ancient capital interwoven with mountains, water, city and trees” and photo exhibition. 

Through dazzling tourism video, dozens of photos and professional introduction by German people specializing in tourism industry, the event showcased a Nanjing embraced by mountains and water and interwoven with city and trees, as well as its rich historical and cultural deposits and  friendly and hospitable ethnic customs.
Sun Qinhang, vice director of China Culture Center in Berlin, said they will collaborate with Nanjing Culture and Tourism Bureau to hold a series of activities in Berlin this year, including Nanjing tourism and cultural week, Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and drama week, aiming to enable the German people to have a better understanding of beautiful Nanjing, as well as push forward exchanges and cooperation between two countries in culture and tourism.
“It is hoped that more tourists from Germany and Europe are encouraged to go sightseeing in Nanjing through this event, by virtue of which a platform and friendly bridge for tourism and cultural cooperation will be built.” said an official from Nanjing Culture and Tourism Bureau. 
“The beautiful and famous relics of Nanjing are still fresh in my memory. While a modern Nanjing was seen through tourism video and pictures. I would like to visit Nanjing again if possible.” said Forster, a citizen in Berlin who went to China 30 years ago.

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