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China-Russia Union of Innovation and Cooperation on Chinese Medicine is formally inaugurated

Date:2018-11-26 16:09:44 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organization

On November 23rd, the Reception of Russian Practitioners of Chinese Medicine took place in Chinese Embassy to Russia. More than 500 people including practitioners of Chinese medicine and scholars from academies were present.. During the reception, China-Russia Union of Innovation and Cooperation on Chinese Medicine was formally inaugurated.

It is said that this Union, supported by Chinese Embassy to Russia, was jointly launched by the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development  (IMPLAD), Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, Moscow Sechenov Medical University(MSMU), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Tuva State University, the Russian Center for Chinese Traditional Medicine Practice and Development as well as Chinese Medical Doctor Association in Russia. 

“Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization. With the development of Sino-Russia relation, its influence has seen significant improvement recognized by not only medical circles but also Russian people. Both sides should seize opportunities and strengthen exchanges on Chinese medicine so as to provide Russian people with better services.” said Jiang Tongwei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine.

It is said the Union consists of 30 institutions, 16 of which are Chinese institutions and 14 of which are Russian enterprises. 

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