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Envoys in China from More than 20 Countries Visited H3C

Date:2021-09-15 17:40:40 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    On September 15th, before the 4th China (Hangzhou) Quality Conference, foreign guests, including envoys in China from more than 20 countries, came to visit the Huangzhou head quarter of H3C of Unisplendour Corporation Limited. They got to know plans and value of digital reform driven by innovation of the H3C. Attendees of the event included Huang Zhihui, co-president of the group and the president of international department, Yang Xi vice president of H3C and chief brand marketing officer, Wang Xiaolu, vice president of H3C, and Wang Chen, vice president of the international business of H3C. They presented their leading digital technology and product as well as the digital transformation at home and abroad driven by H3C, which was an example of global digital economy.

    According to IDC’s (International Data Corporation) analysis and forecast of global GDP, in 2023, more than 50% of the global economy would be driven by digital economy. In the world, digital economy had entered a new stage of accelerated innovation and leading development as well as digital transformation had been pushing forward the quality technology innovation and high-quality development.

    In the innovation and experience center of H3C in Hangzhou, foreign guests got to know in detail the “digital brain” created under the belief of “cloud and intelligence native” and it’s achievement and contribution to “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”. Envoys also saw in person the latest terminal project for commercial use, magichub and engiant 660 as well as listened to stuff members about a series of practice result of H3C to promote industrial digital transformation.

    “Since the establishment, H3C has been seeing the quality as the foundation and innovation as the most important thing. We support all industries to be digitalized by making best products and solutions”, said Huang Zhihui. Now, H3C not only participated in the layout and construction of a “digital China” in all aspects and to the deepest level, but also pushed forward the reform and development of the digital economy of every countries by providing digital solution conducive to innovation and quality.

    Behind the innovation was H3C’s determination to improve the quality of product and solution. Currently, H3C built a quality management pattern with customer demand as the center, based on the theory of advanced integrated product development (IPD). From the setting up of the project to it’s launching in the market, there would be 7 major technological assessments, more than 1500 checking tests, 4 important decisions, multiple tests from customers’ point of view, all of which aimed to create a series of extraordinary products with complete functions. Besides, H3C established an “internal experience bureau” for internal usage and deployment of new products and solutions to satisfy the diversified demand of customers.

    Quality was the bottom line while innovation was a pursuit for H3C. every year, no less than 14% of sales income was invested into research and innovation, resulting in over 12,000 patent applications, more than 90% of which were invention patents. At present, H3C had a “1+3+3” innovation platform composed of a product development platform, three leading technologies research platform and three technological cooperation and innovation platform. There were a sound innovation inspiration mechanism and a long-term inspiration system for high-level talents. All of the above were driving forces for H3C to promote technological innovation. The group was willing to work with all partners of the industrial chain to expand the value boundary.

    H3c would play it’s roles of “important enabler of industrial digitalization as well participator and leading figure of digital industrialization”. The group would inject innovation into all industries; explore a new mode of integration of digital technology and industrial scene; carry out the project of the “digital brain” and construct the core engine of the reform of the industrial digitalization.

    In China, H3C had been forging ahead and remanded in the leading position of the basic structure market of China cloud politics; of the markets of cloud platform, virtualization, date center and wireless internet. In foreign countries, H3C had been developing through wind and wave. It established offices in 8 overseas markets and 4 new offices were on the way. There were spare parts centers in 19 countries and service could be provided in 174 major overseas cities, so H3C had international influence because it was capable of market expansion, project delivery and service support.

    Huang Zhihui hoped that through the visit, guests from other countries could have a clear understanding of the H3C and exchanged ideas on the advanced experience and ideological method. “Digital future for better life” was a vision for H3C. Stuff members stick to the principle of “quality first”; promoted the international quality cooperation with customers’ demand as the core and contributed to the realization of people’s wish for a better life.

    Only by working hard could we finish a long journey. H3c was standing on a new starting point of the “14th five year” plan. It would lead the high-level development of digital industry by scientific and technological innovation and support China-originated digital innovation to be applied in China and the world. 

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