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Delegation from Yancheng Went to Beijing to Visit ROK’s Institutes and Multinational Companies in China

Date:2021-09-14 18:05:26 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    On September 13th, Cao Lubao, secretary of the municipal CPC committee of Yancheng, led the delegation team to Beijing to visit ROK’ embassy in China, the headquarter of KOTRA China region, Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd and other places. The delegation aimed to expand communication and cooperation with foreign countries, to be integrated into the “dual circle” of China and the international community and to improve the level of open economy in all aspects. Those participated in the working conference were Cao Lubao, Jang Ha-sung, ROK’s ambassador to China, Hong Zhangshao, chief representative of the headquarter of KOTRA China region, and Li Guangguo, Chairman of the board and general manager of Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd.

    There had been wide and frequent communication and cooperation between Yancheng and ROK. At ROK’s embassy in China, Jang Ha-sung extended his welcome to Cao Lubao and the delegation. He said that there’s a sound foundation for the cooperation between the two sides. He side that Yancheng was an important destination for massive investment of large-scale enterprises in ROK, including Hyundai Motor Group and SK group, so there’s a promising future due to the carrying out of many industrial arrangements. The ROK government hoped that both parties would support introduction of SME enterprises, expansion of the cooperation in new energy development, exploitation of hydrogen energy, manufacturing of wind energy on the sea and creation of a world-level industrial base for new energy. The ROK authority would also seize the opportunity of the "China-Korea cultural communication year" to enhance people-to-people cooperation, spend more effort to promote Yancheng and make it known in the ROK. The ROK's embassy in China would offer full support to the construction of China-Korea Yancheng industrial part and the coming 3rd China-Korea Trade and Investment Expo. In addition, the embassy would offer service of better quality for the city to launch more cooperation with the country. Cao Lubao gave an introduction to Jang Ha-sung about Yancheng's opening and cooperation to ROK, the construction of China-Korea Yancheng industrial park and the preparation of the 3rd China-Korea Trade and Investment Expo. He also thanked the embassy's care and support to the economic and social development of Yancheng. Cao Lubao said that the next year was the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and ROK. With this opportunity, Yancheng would enhance it's cooperation with ROK; expand cooperation space, accelerate the construction of an international open passage linking Japan, ROK and Southeast Asia; make more friends and be integrated into a new development structure. The two sides needed to stick to the principle of complementary advantages and reciprocal cooperation; to push forward the construction of the cooperative park; to enhance the economic, trade and cultural communication in all aspects and to improve the influence of China-Korea Yancheng Industrial Park, so as to create a new condition of common development.

    The headquarter of KOTRA China region was the bridge of China-Korea cooperation. When Cao Lubao speak with Jang Ha-sung, Cao said that Yancheng attached great importance to the trade and economic cooperation with Korea. He hoped KOTRA would support their cooperation as always; offer support to the preparation to China-Korea Trade and Investment Expo, the establishment of an office in Yancheng and industrial cooperation in hydrogen energy; introduce more ROK enterprises to invest in Yancheng and jointly create a model city of China-Korea cooperation. He said that Yancheng had an irreplaceable status in the trade and investment between the city and the country. The cooperation between Yancheng and ROK would have an important opportunity to improve the quality of cooperation. Both party hoped to have closer cooperation in project introduction, cultural communication and other aspects, so as to develop the friendship. KOTRA would make full use of it’s effect as a bridge to assist the successful hold of China-Korea Trade and Investment Expo and to support China-Korea Yancheng Industrial Park to have abundant result.

    Yancheng had been in sound cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group for multiple years. Cao Lubao discussed with Li Guangguo to exchange ideas on Hyundai Motor Group’s layout in China, manufacturing of vehicles using hydrogen energy and marine reserve of hydrogen storage. Cao Lubao said that the group had new adjustment in layout in China according to future plan. This was a new opportunity and challenge for the group. Cao hoped that there would be improved cooperation; joint research of the solution of marine storage of wind and hydrogen energy; introduction of hydrogen energy projects in Yancheng; assistance to help vehicle brands including Dongfeng, Yueda and Qiya and win-win cooperation in more fields. Li Guangguo thanked Yancheng for it’s support to the development of brands above and said that the company would help these brands to progress, improve it’s cooperation with Yancheng in hydrogen energy production, and industrial chain including transportation and storage and expand cooperation space.

    Jiang Wei, vice mayor of Yancheng, participated in the event.

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