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Cultural Exchange of Presenting China to the World

Date:2021-09-10 14:48:28 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    Under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Cultural Exchange Organization of Presenting China to the World decided to use “the most beautiful China” as an event theme. It’s an official organization with aims to promote outstanding traditional Chinese culture; to enhance people-to-people communication between China and the world; to promote international investment and cooperation; to develop the friendship and exchanges between people of different countries and to support the country to have more say in the international community. Since the start of event, the organization had received help and guidance form heads and comrades, including Li Changchun, Li Yuanchao, Liu Yandong, Shen Yueyue, Gu Xiulian, Wang Zhizhen, Li Zhaoxing, Cai Wu and Chang Keren.

    The organizing committee has been hosting communication between China and the world for multiple years, and thusly has abundant international resource. We have close connection with embassies in China; cooperative relationship with 500 enterprises, state-owned enterprises and competent private enterprises as well as 600 enterprises and chamber of commerce from home and abroad and high-level cooperation with more than 100 of domestic authoritative media and foreign media offices in China, so we are able to offer support in all aspects for people-to-people communication and economic and trade cooperation between China and the world.

    The organizing committee leads ambassadors to cities in China to participate in innovative communication activities of various forms, so as to do the following: creating a practical and international communication platform and a global bridge between cities in China and embassies in China; presenting China’s cities, culture sites, scenic beauty and city development achievements to the world in all aspects and in a three-dimensional way; offering services to China’s cities for their development of tourism and cultural industries, image promotion and business and investment introduction; attracting overseas business to invest and international people to travel and spent holiday in Chinese cities, so as to improve the international influence and reputation in Chinese cities significantly.

    The organizing committee also lead Chinese enterprises and officials of Chinese cities to visit leading countries including German, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Finland, Spanish and so on. The committee launches practical business trip to learn foreign countries’ innovative economic development methods, advanced cultural development ideology and scientific design for city construction.


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