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Belt and Road Exchanges and Cooperation Culture Forum was Held in Dunhuang

Date:2021-09-26 18:14:42 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    In the afternoon of September 24th, the 5th Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, the 10th Dunhuang Tour-Silk Road International Tourism Festival and the Belt and Road Exchanges and Cooperation Culture Forum was held in the Dunhuang International Exhibition Center.

    Li Yufu, deputy director of the commission of culture, history and study of the national CPPCC, said that Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo had been an important platform for high-level forum and cultural exhibition with “belt and road” cultural communication as the main part. It played a significant role in implementing the “belt and road” initiative and in improving people engagement for the people-to-people communication of countries along the route. Gansu provincial CPPCC had been holding the Belt and Road Exchanges and Cooperation Culture Forum consecutively. Guests were invited to experience the silk road spirit again and to discuss cultural communication and cooperation, which was significant to learn the outstanding culture created by people of different countries as well as to learn the best part of Chinese culture and the western culture and be innovative.

    Chen Qing, vice chairman of Gansu provincial CPPCC, said in his speech that the goal of the Belt and Road Exchanges and Cooperation Culture Forum was to support the development of human civilization by exchanges and mutual-learning between different cultures of countries and regions along the route through the bridge of cultural communication, so as to inject strength into the construction of a community for human with a shared destiny and to promote common value for all human being, including peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom.

    The forum was hosted by Wang Rui, vice chairman of Gansu provincial CPPCC. Experts and scholars got together. They were form national CPPCC, SCO, China National Museum, Lanzhou University and some foreign institutions. The mission of the conference was “support cultural exchange and plan for cooperation and development”. In the conference delivered a keynote speech about the important speech and direction spirit of the general secretary Xi Jinping during his inspection in Gansu. Attendees exchanged their ideas on the experience of promoting outstanding culture in provinces and regions along the “belt and road” initiative; explored ways to start cultural cooperation with B&R countries and came up with suggestions to enhance cultural cooperation and communication of the “belt and road” initiative to national ministries and commissions as well as local party committees and governments.

    More than 70 people attended the forum, including experts, scholars representatives of the B&R countries, and heads of relating national departments.

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