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Let Culture Shine in Mutual Communication

Date:2018-07-17 16:04:30 Source:People’s Daily Author:Organizing Committee

    There were more than 200 countries and regions as well as more than 2500 nationalities and religions in the world we live in. Civilizations emerged from different historical traditions, national conditions and ethnic customs. Various civilizations have been communicating for thousands of years to made themselves as colorful as today and to promote the continual development of human society. Xi Jinping has stressed, “We need to set the value ideology of civilization which includes equality, communication, inclusiveness and mutual learning.” This is in line with the objective rules of human civilization and the wish of every country’s people to promote the exchanges and mutual learning of civilizations. This also transcends outdated statements like cultural conflict and superiority among civilizations, pointing a way of harmony and co-existence for the development of civilizations.

    In the long history, human has created colorful civilizations, all of which have unique charm and profound accumulation and are spiritual treasures that must be valued and cherished. The world can only be rich and abundant if different civilizations respect and learn from each other understand that recognizing cultural diversity is a prerequisite. Cultural diversity is an inexhaustible driving force of progress and the common wish of people in every country is to exchange and learn from different civilizations. It’s against the development tendency and will be destined to fall to deny or be disrespectful to cultural diversity or to attempt to rule the world with one or a few culture. As a result, we need to stick to cultural diversity and to create a painting of all civilizations with each one of them shines brightly.

    People need to believe that civilizations are equal and be inclusive of different civilizations if we want to recognize and respect civilization diversity. There’s an old Chinese saying meaning that “the secret to make a delicious soup is to use ingredients in an appropriate way so they can improve the flavor together”. The wisdom of different ethnic groups leads to different civilizations which only vary in features and regions. Though the statement of conflicts and superiority among civilizations can be heard every now and then, it’s proven by the the history and the fact that different civilization can co-exist and learn from each other as long as people can stick to ideas of equality, inclusiveness and harmony in diversity as well as respect and learn from each other, which is the way to offer spiritual strength to human development. We need to treat different civilizations in an inclusive way and seek wisdom and nutrition from other civilizations, then jointly solve all sorts of challenges facing our society so as to pass down pace, generate driving force for development and enable civilization to be more glorious.

    Diversity leads to communication which leads to integration, then progress. So exchanges and mutual learning among different civilizations is the origin of human’s progress. In retrospect, we can notice that they have been indispensable for civilization’s prosperity and human’s progress. Exchanges enables civilizations to be more colorful and mutual learning enables civilizations to be more rich in content. Exchanges and mutual learning are driving force of social progress and bond to realize world peace. Along with them, people from various countries can understand and respect those form another country and ethnic group as well as connect and be friends with others, which will enhance the strength to safeguard world peace. Currently, countries have been promoting mutual learning among cultures and connection between people by launching effective bilateral and multilateral cooperation in terms of culture, education, science, technology, environmental protection, tourism, youth-related cause, media, sports and other areas.

    Xi Jinping has brought up a civilization ideology that included equality, mutual learning, communication and inclusiveness. He has stressed that civilization diversity requires us to transcend barriers with communication, to transcend conflict with mutual-learning and transcend superiority with co-existence, all of which reflect the wisdom and ways of problem-solving of Chinese as well as China’s openness and confidence as a big countries. Chinese civilization has emerged from the land of China, has been developing form communication and mutual learning with other civilizations and will always treat achievements of other civilizations with and open attitude. We will learn from others to improve our weakness and push the process to build a community for mankind with a shared destiny. China is a country with strong and a long history of culture, so it will not only inherit outstanding traditional Chinese culture and develop socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, but also contribute more in safeguarding world peace and promoting human civilization.

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