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Gansu: Chinese Acrobatic Brought Joy to Orphans in Afghanistan

Date:2018-09-29 15:38:43 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organizing Committee

    At the invitation of Ghani, Afghanistan president, Gansu provincial acrobatic troupe of China went to the Office of the President in Kabul, the capital, to perform for local children.

    The troupe performed shows including but not limited to “Lotus-Balancing”, “Jar-Balancing” and “Dunhuang Dance”, all of which gained applause from audience. A teacher from local charity said to a reporter from Xinhua News Agency that most of the audience were orphans. The shows were interesting and would be unforgettable memory for kids. She also said, “I have no idea that my kids and I can watch such amazing show. I need to express my gratitude to Chinese artists.”

    The Afghanistan president’s senior adviser of public affairs said to the reporter that they liked today’s performance very much. This was his first time to see Chinese acrobatics. Shows like this could enable people to temporally forget the difficulties caused by the war and send a message to the outside world that people in Afghanistan hoped to own and shared the happiness brought by art. “Thank you for China’s support for Afghanistan. I hope I can see more performance like this. Such cultural activities are very important for the friendship and cultural communication between our two counties.”

    Liu Jinsong, China’s ambassador to Afghanistan said that a few days later would be the 69th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Chinese government hoped that Afghanistan could share our happiness. China attached great importance to the people-to-people communication between our two countries. Afghanistan suffered form war and China hoped to do what we could to bring more joy, surprises and wishes to you.

    After the show, Liu Jinsong give gifts to the children, like toy dogs and stationery. A boy received a dog made by colorful balloons and “give” a warm hug back to the Chinese performer.

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