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Silk Road Conference, International Style and Ethnic Fashion

Date:2016-08-29 14:32:19 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    Xi'an Silk Road International Tourism Expo 2016 was hosted by the tourism bureau of Shaanxi province in Qujiang International Exhibition Center on August 26th. Attendees were representatives from travel agencies and businesses of 42 countries and regions as well as from travel agencies from 26 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. They gathered in Xi’an to communicate and cooperate to create peak of tourism of the Silk Road.

    Compared with last three expos, this was the one with most foreign exhibitors, most exhibitors and the largest area of exhibition because the area used for exhibition amounted to 25 thousand square meters and representatives were from 42 countries and regions including US, South Korea, Cambodia and Indonesia as well as representatives of travel agencies, travel businesses and exhibitors were from 26 provinces, cities and districts. The area used for exhibition increased 40% when compared with the first exhibition.

    The theme of the expo was “Silk Road inter-connectivity and opportunity creation”. In there were 7 key activities and 5 theme exhibition halls, including international exhibition area, domestic exhibition area, Shaanxi exhibition area, consumption exhibition area and hot spring exhibition area. The expo presented tourism products and routes of countries and regions along the road, domestic key scenic areas, local characteristic ethnic culture, supporting services and functions of tourism and so on. There were also signing for key tourism projects in Shaanxi, promotion of tourism products on site and negotiation and cooperation between travel agencies.

    Du Jiang, deputy director of China National Tourism Administration, said, “In 2015, more than 25 million people have traveled between China and countries along the Silk Road. In the next five years, visiting Silk Road countries will be 150 million Chinese tourists, bringing more than 200 billion dollars. We are also confident to attract more than 85 million tourists to China who come from Silk Road countries. They will bring in about 110 billion dollars of tourism consumption.”

    On 27th the expo opened to the public. In the morning, citizens from all around the city came to see things from international society, to taste delicious food and to experience the trip around the world. The B4 hall of the exhibition center was the consumption exhibition area and outbound exhibition area. There were exhibition stands from US, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, South Korea and many other countries, all of which were beautiful and had it’s special features.

    Multiple citizens were attracted by the Hanbok clothing, and delicious food like bibimbap. The most eye-catching event was the amazing performance of Sri Lanka which was the host country. Colorful and bright customs as well as enthusiastic and vigorous dance were parts of the exotic show for guests and citizens. Audience took pictures with performers after the show.

    2016 was the tourism year between China and America. US made full use of the platform offered by the expo by promotion conducted by a large team in beautiful customs. There were 15 branch exhibitors including the business office of US Embassy in China, the tourism bureau of Guam, China’s office of tourism bureau of Hawaii, the tourism bureau of Utah and United Airlines. Stuff members were offering all kinds of tourism consultation and introduction to citizens.

    The B4 hall was “of high-end and international style” and was a concentrated place of famous domestic agencies and aviation companies. The 680-yuan tax-exclusive discounted flight tickets to travel to and back from Sydney were sold on site, as well as a vacation in the Phuket island in Thailand worth 1999. Caissa Tourism, an outbound travel agency, not only prepared amazing interaction, but also products including but not limited to vigorous Asia and Africa, classic Europe, visiting Australia and New Zealand and fashion in America and Canada, all of which were sold with discount. Products relating to cruise ship and independent travel were especially popular.

    The B3 hall of the exhibition center was an exhibition area of Shaanxi and other provinces and cities. The reporters could see delicious food from various places, tourism promotion and promotion for other products and services, which highlighted not only local features, but also benefit to buyers.

    In B3 hall were exhibitors from many provinces and cities of China, including but not limited to Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Chengdu and Tianjin. They brought characteristic tourism advice and latest discount information. Among places within Shaanxi province, Xi’an, Baoji, Ankang, Tongchuan and Shaanxi tourism group decorated their booths to add local flavor. Relating stuff members brought material of the scenic sites and routes, held activities and handed out gifts. Ding Lin, vice mayor of Baoji City, came to the hall to inspect and guide work as well as express her gratitude to stuff members. During the exhibition, Baoji planned to give out 10 thousand tourist-benefiting brochures with a total discount worth 5 million yuan.

    In the exhibition area of Shaanxi Tourism Group were many curious citizens, saying, “look, aren’t they Hei Wa and Tian Xiaoe?” It turned out that actors from Bai Lu Yuan Studios dressed up as characters in the novel named “Bai Lu Yuan” for a show. Actors were also tour guides to introduce Bai Lu Yuan Studios.

    The Hall A amounted to 8000 square meters and was an exhibition for hot spring tourism. Stuff members introduced products and routes for hot spring tourism. Exhibitors would hand out 200 thousand vouchers, free tickets and discount tickets as well as 10 thousand special cards that could be used in all services. Mr. Wang came from the west countryside. He got several coupons for trips to hot spring, saying happily, “I have been longing for a trip to hot spring. Since I have got coupons in the exhibition, my whole family could save a lot of money.”


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