Spend New Year in New Ways, Activate New Energy of Culture and Tourism

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Traditional New Year's customs such as going to markets and temple fairs, and watching fireworks have become richer, more personalized and more diversified with the progress of the times. At the same time, travelingwatching movies, visiting museums and participating ice and snow sports have become new entertainment activities for the New Year, effectively stimulating the vitality of culture and tourism.

Old traditions have old flavors, and new times have new styles. This year's Spring Festival, places around the nation have combined with the "New Year's custom" to launch the New Year activities, not only to meet the needs of different groups of people on the holiday, but also to make the Spring Festival more colorful.

Recently, all over the country are full of joyful and peaceful atmosphere, people go back to their hometowns to reunite, visit the park and enjoy the lanterns with their families, or travel to other places, enjoy the flavor of the New Year's Day on the road.

Temple fairs are traditional events enjoyed by the people during the Spring Festival. At the 2024 Chinese New Year Cultural Temple Fair in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in addition to retaining traditional performances such as stilt-walking and dragon and lion dances, new trendy contents were introduced to keep pace with the times, making the traditional temple fair more in line with the aesthetic interests of modern people.

On the sixth day of the first month of the Lunar New Year, when you walk into the tourism and leisure block of the Saishang Old Street, characters such as "Guan Yu", "Zhao Zi Long", "Qitian Da Sheng", "Yang Jian" and so on appeared in the mecha parade in the image of robots; actors in the team of "Lucky Star" were dressed as characters of traditional stories, and they gave tourists the Lunar New Year lucky bags such as beneficial performance cards and golden coins for the Year of the Dragon; dances of Mongolian ethnicity elements, cauldrons of dumplings for 1,000 people, and a feast of campfires linked with a livestream ...... A series of activities were full of fun, and they succeeded in attracting tourists of all age groups.

Spending New Year holiday in the cultural centers and museums is also the new custom that loved by tourists. This year, in Heilongjiang Province, a number of cultural venues and museums actively explored innovative ways to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the masses during the Spring Festival. Heilongjiang Provincial Museum launched folk experience handmade class, as well as the "Dragon Trail", receive "Fu" character, guess the riddles and other immersive folk cultural experience projects, so that the audience can fully feel the strong flavor of the New Year in the folklore.

Jixi City Museum of Mass Art held a Snow and Ice Lantern Festival, Chinese dress tour, yangko exhibition, non-heritage exhibitions and other activities, leaving traditional folklore in the hearts of citizens and tourists; Librarians of Harbin City Libraries walked into the hot centuries-old Central Bookstore, to teach visitors the production of dough modelling and Chinese knotting skills; Qiqihar City Museum online launched the "Dragon Spring Festival Folklore and Culture Exhibition", and actively disseminate to the majority of netizens of the Spring Festival folklore and culture.

During the Spring Festival, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, Tang City Scenic Area launched an immersive experience of real-life scripted game "Sheng Tang Bai Xiao Lu", unlocking a new experience for tourists to play in the Spring Festival. Visitors can buy and sell goods in the East Market District and experience the exciting "Three Great Organs" in the West Market District, where they can start a period of business and travel legend of the flourishing Tang Dynasty. In the evening, the story culminates in an exquisite light and dance show, where all the actors and visitors perform together to recreate the triumphs of the Great Tang Dynasty.

"An immersive scripted tour gives us a different experience of the New Year." Mr. Kuang, a visitor from Wuhan, came to Tang City Scenic Spot with his best friend, and they praised the creativity of combining the new trend activities with real-life stories. In addition, the scenic area is also popular among the public and tourists for its 1,500 drone show, non-heritage dragon dance parade, immersive acrobatic drama, Dream of Chang'an, the Great Tang Music Banquet, and 100 national style performances throughout the day.

The Detian Waterfall Scenic Area in Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent mountains and rivers and transnational beauty. During the Spring Festival, relying on Chinese-Vietnamese folklore and New Year's flavors, the scenic area planned a series of experiential and interactive activities to bring visitors a different New Year. Folklore activities such as non-heritage window decoration and gong-knocking combine New Year vacation with viewing waterfalls, and special activities such as Chinese-Vietnamese style show and Chinese-Vietnamese food collection are all highly favored by tourists. Interactive experience programs such as "Thousands of People Painting Fortune Characters" and "Thousands of People Feasting at Lantern Festival" launched at specific time periods are also lively and full of New Year's flavor.

Over the past few days, Detian cross-country waterfalls, waterfall viewing rice paddy cafe, the ring of the sky and other attractions have become popular tourist places. Nanning tourists Mr. Liu and his family in the scenic area drew blessings and prayers, cut window flowers, shopped New Year's Eve bazaar, he lamented: "We have seen the beauty of the scenery, and also feel the New Year's Eve with exotic flavors."

"Going through the flower street to celebrate the Chinese New Year", Guangdong Province has always had the custom of visiting the flower market and buying flowers during the Spring Festival. Nowadays, going to enjoy flowers in the forests and fields during the Spring Festival has become a new choice of outing for citizens and tourists celebrating the Lunar New Year in Guangdong.

During the Spring Festival, Guangdong, with its warm climate, is in full bloom, making it a good time to enjoy flowers. Culture and tourism departments around the country planned and organized a wealth of Spring Festival activities based on flowers. In Guangzhou alone, nearly 1,200 flower-appreciation activities were held. Yuexiu District organized the West Lake Flower Market and created an online flower market platform at the same time; Liwan District's Water Flower Market reproduced the beautiful scenery. Dongguan City has created 13 flower-viewing spots, inviting citizens and tourists to watch spring flowers bloom. Mr. Yu, a tour guide from a travel agency in Shenzhen, took a tour group to Shangyuan Paddy Park to see the flowers, saying, "Most of the group members are Hong Kong tourists, and such a spectacular flower ocean is very visually stunning, and the tourists were pleasantly surprised."

In Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, Dayang Ancient Town presents visitors with the unique charm of Taihang Mountains. In addition to the lion dance competition, ancient town tour, folklore parade and other projects, the ancient town has also added other business, bookshop, tea bar, money bank, iron museum all attract many tourists, activities such as boiling tea around the stove, as well as music restaurant and other attractions are also particularly favored by young people. The "Light and Shadow + Drama" live-action light and shadow show showcases the local history and culture of Dayang, bringing back the stories of the ancient town that have been sealed for thousands of years on the city walls.

If playing a whole day is not enough to enjoy, tourists can also experience different styles of homestay. It is understood that Yang Aqing, Scholar Fudi and other B&Bs in Dayang Ancient Town did brisk business during the Spring Festival. "Going out of the door, we can feel the prosperity of the ancient town, and going into the door, we can see a happy and peaceful wonderland." Mr. Li, a tourist from Henan Province, said that he and his family had a great time and they all felt that the trip was worthwhile.

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