The 16th Conference of Library Directors of Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Relatively Large Cities is Held

Date:2021-12-19 09:49:53 Source:Ministry of Culture and Tourism Author:Organizing Committee

    On December 28th, the 16th Conference of Library Directors of Provinces, Autonomous Regions and Relatively Large Cities is held online and offline. The theme of the conference is to learn the spirit of the 6th plenary meeting of the 19th CPC national conference and to discuss the way to implement the high-quality transition ideas of the public libraries during the 14th five year plan. Zhang Xu, vice minister and a member of the leading party group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. On behalf of the ministry, Zhang Xu expressed his respect for all stuff members of the libraries! He said that since the 18th CPC national congress, Xi Jinping has been attaching great importance to cultural construction and has brought up the strategic task to have firm confidence in culture and to build a socialist country with strong culture. Chinese public libraries is entering a period with opportunities of improved ability to guarantee document information and resource, of diverse and characteristic library collection, of improved ability to protect, research and utilize precious ancient record and of enhanced campaign to promote reading in public.

    Zhang Xu stressed that national public libraries of all level need to implement the spirit of the 6th plenary meeting of the 19th CPC national congress and the spirit of important statement and direction of the general secretary Xi Jinping; stick to the right political direction of library work by centering around the decisions and arrangement of the CPC Central Committee so as to implement well the responsibility system of the ideological work; to push forward the upgrade and transition of public libraries with people as its center; to enhance the protection, inheritance and utilization of ancient books; to push forward the digital, internet-based and smart construction of public libraries; to support the reform of the central-branch library system and the corporation management structure and to take action to start a new chapter of public libraries with determined belief and responsibilities, so as to contribute to build a socialist countries with strong culture.

    Xiong Mingyuan, director of the National library, made a keynote speech with the theme of start a new chapter 14th five year plan’ with developing opportunities and innovated working ideas. The aim is to introduce the main ideas and priority of the five sections of the National Library, including the construction of the national smart library system and the enhanced protection, research and utilization of precious ancient book during the 14th five year plan.

    Chen Binfu, primary inspector of the public service department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and vice directors of the National Library including Zhang Zhiqing, Chen Ying, Zhang Jun and Huo Ruijuan as well as other heads of sub-provincial libraries of above attended the meeting. Heads of Shenzhen Juvenile Youth Libraries and provincial libraries of Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Hubei, Chongqing, Xinjiang and so on exchanged their ideas and experience.

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