The 2022 Congratulation from the Chinese President Xi Jinping

Date:2022-01-01 10:00:22 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organizing Committee

    From Xinhua News Agency

    On the new years eve, the Chinese president Xi Jinping expressed his congratulation through the CCTV and the internet:

    Good evening. The 2022 is arriving. I express my congratulation on the arrival of the new year to all of you in Beijing!

    In retrospect, this year is significant. We have experienced events so significant that they are mark in the history of China and CPC. At the transitioning time of the two centenary goals, we embark on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all aspects and we are on the way to realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.

    From the beginning to the end of the year, people work for a whole year and harvest from their contribution. This happens everywhere in the farmland, enterprises, community, school, hospital, military camp, research institution and so on. The year passes by quickly and the China we see and feel if resistant and prosperous. The country boasts lovely people, development on a daily basis and careers being passed down for generations.

    The July 1st witnessed us celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. When I stood on Tiananmen, I had a strong feeling of the remarkable historical cause. The CPC led tons of thousands of people to struggle with determination despite all kinds of risks and finally created a glorious 100-year party. We will reach the goal with our original aspiration bore in mind. By continue to work hard, we can fulfill the expectation of history, era and people.

    The 6th plenary meeting of 19th CPC Central Committee passed the third historical resolution of the party. We are inspired by the 100-year achievement and improved through 100-year experience. Once, I mentioned the strategy discussed in a cave-house” which thought me that the historical initiative can only be gained by self-revolution. The great rejuvenation of Chinese nation is not a easy task, nor a smooth one that can be completed in a short time. We need to be visionary and be aware of potential danger in the time of safety. We should be patient and determined to care for most people as we can and pay attention to the smallest detail.

    A big country has its priority. All things stemming from various sources are things relating to tons of thousands of households. I inspected some places where I see and heard a lot which lead to new inspiration and new knowledge. When I visit a family, I ask that kind of difficulty they have and bear their answer in mind.

    The thing worries people is the thing I will take care of. The thing people expected by people is the thing I will deal with the next. I have the experience of living in a village, so I have personal understanding of being poor. After generations of effort, people used to live in poverty can now have enough to eat, have clothes to keep warm, can go to schools to be educated, have a roof over their head and have a medical care to use in hospitals. The poverty alleviation and the moderately prosperous society is a contribution to people and to the world by the CPC. If we want better life for people, we cant be satisfied with what we have because we still have a long way to go.

    For thousands of years, Chinese have been wishing for a Yellow River with out floods and droughts. In recent years, I have been to 9 provinces and regions in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the river. I have seen a lot, including the mother river” which are the Yellow River and the Yangtze River; the clear Qinghai Lake; the mighty Yarlung Zangbo River; the South-to-North Water Diversion Project which is a project for the century; the green map of Saihanba Tree Farm; the migration of elephants in Yunnan province and the multiply and migration of Tibetan antelopes and so on. All of these are evidence proving that nature always return the favor if we protect it.

    The year has also witnessed unforgettable Chinese voice, instance and story. An oath made by young people that the CPC can rest assure because they will contribute to the country” and the expression of clear love just for China” show young peoples passion. The Mars rover named Zhurong, the satellite named Xihe” and the core module named Tianhe” are evidence to show Chinas aviation progress. Athletes on the field do their best to get better results. The whole country has made decisive effort to prevent and control the pandemic. People in disaster-stricken areas have helped each other to reconstruct their home. Commanders and combatants of the People's Liberation Army and Armed Police Forces strive to safeguard the nation... Countless heroes are spending effort though their names remain unknown. They are the strong power for China to step forward in a new era.

    China has always been caring the prosperity and the stability of Hong Kong and Macao. Only can cooperation and spending effort towards the same direction can one country tow systems” be stable in a long-term. The unification of the country is a common wish for people in Taiwan and in the mainland of China. I expect that all Chinese would cooperate to create a better future for the Chinese nation.

    When I talked with heads of other countries and international organizations through phone or video, they prized China many times for our pandemic prevention and control as well as our contribution to the international society to fight against the pandemic. So far, China has offered more than 2 billion doses of vaccine to over 120 countries. Countries from all over the world need to cooperate to start a new chapter of a community for human with a shared fate.

    More than a month later, Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games will start. Encourage more people to participate in winter sports is a mission for Olympic Games. We will hold a grand Olympic event for the world. The world is looking forward to China and China is well-prepared.

    The bell for the new year is about to ring. Our three astronauts are on a business trip to space; Chinese in foreign countries are working hard; Chinese working in foreign countries for embassies and consulates and Chinese-funded enterprises are doing their job well on their positions and overseas Chinese students are studying hard. Countless dream-chasers are making contribution. You have been working hard and I express happy new year to all of you!

    Let us step on the road to future! Congratulate to the Chinese people living in safety and nation for its prosperity!


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