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The world witnessed a strong festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year

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As “Happy Spring Festival” kicks off globally, the world witnessed a strong festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year. The colourful activities organized or attended by Chinese embassies and overseas China cultural centers were launched with the joy of Spring Festival shared by peoples in the world. It also provides them with more opportunities to know about China and Chinese culture.  

On January 8th, as the first activity of “Tianjin Cultural Year”, the Spring Festival folklore exhibition under the theme of “Spring Festival in Tianjin” was jointly held by China Cultural Center in Tokyo and the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Tianjin in Tokyo, Japan. Attendees are Takeo Kawamura, former chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Shinichi ISA, Japanese parliamentary vice-minister of Finance, Zhang Mei, councillor of Publicity Department of Chinese Embassy to Japan and director general of Japan-China Friendship Association....
Taking the introduction of Spring Festival customs in Tianjin as its theme, this exhibition focused on broadcasting four programs including the New Year paintings, dough sculpture, Pankou(buttons on Chinese dress Qipao) and monkey sculpture-making skills. During the exhibition, China Cultural Center invited folklorists from Tianjin to teach the lessons of dough sculpture and Pankou from January 16th to 17th. “This exhibition is of great significance as it presented colourful Tianjin culture to Japanese. More Japanese visitors are welcomed to appreciate the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and Japanese New Year, thus ensuring a sound and long-term development of China-Japan relations.” said Takeo Kawamura.
From January 12th to 13th, comprehensive gala “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” took place at Weapon Square of San Felipe and culture center of Pente Alto in Chile. They are the first two shows performed by Hangzhou Art Group in One-thousand International Art Festival, unveiling the 2019 “Happy Spring Festival” activities in Chile. Programs featuring Chinese cultural elements, such as the dance performances “Happy Chinese New Year” and “The Impression of Xiling” , magic show “ Flowers”, were applauded by audience. 
The One-thousand International Art Festival in San Diego is the most important and comprehensive gala in Chile. In recent years, more than ten Chinese art groups have engaged in this platform with nearly 100 tour performances in total. This art festival has been transformed into the platform of “Happy Spring Festival”. There are 6 shows under the framework of the art festival for Hangzhou Art Group who will perform them in the Ninth Happy Spring Festival Ceremony in coastal Chilean town of Vina Del Mar.
On January 15th, the first cultural celebration of 2019 “Happy Spring Festival” in Jordan-2019 Chinese Spring Festival Celebration of the Confucius Institute of Philadelphia University (Jordan) kicked off in Philadelphia University. Pan Weifang, Chinese ambassador to Jordan, Camel, vice chairman of the Jordan-China Friendship Association, Salem, president of the Philadelphia University and Yang Ronghao, cultural counselor of Chinese Embassy to Jordan, as well as nearly 400 teachers and students from Philadelphia University were present. 
Meanwhile, the performances as poetry reading,Taichi, Chinese speech, traditional instruments, songs and dances in both countries have been staged by teachers and students from the Confucius Institute. Their fluent and standard Chinese as well as sophisticated instrumental performances impressed the audience most. Pan Weifang awarded for students who won the merit prize and encouraged them to engage in educational and cultural exchanges of both countries, and contribute to China-Jordan exchanges and cooperation. 
On January 15th, the photo exhibition of “Happy Spring Festival” held by Chinese Embassy to Kazakhstan took place in the National Museum of Kazakhstan with more local people being attracted to know Chinese traditional festivals and culture. “This exhibition marks a new chapter of China-Kazakhstan cooperation in 2019” said Satubarquin, deputy head of the National Museum of Kazakhstan. Chinese Spring festival is not only rich in cultural connotations but also boasts of profound thoughts of philosophy, as well as embodies the Chinese convictions of the coexistence of humans and nature,” said Zhangxiao, Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan, believing that both sides will cement traditional friendship and work hand in hand to build Belt and Road, thus taking the initiative in promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. 
On January 15th, the photo exhibition of China-Djibouti friendly cooperation partnership and the gala of the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up were held by the Chinese Embassy to Djibouti in Djibouti People’s Palace in order to cerebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relation between China and Djibouti. This is also the first event of 2019 “Happy Spring Festival” in Djibout. More than 600 guests, including Zhuo Ruisheng, Chinese ambassador to Djibout, Djiboutian officials like Youssouf, minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dawaleh, minister of the Ministry of Finance, and Ahmad, minister of the Ministry of Housing, Urban Planning and Environment, as well as the envoys to Djibout and representatives from international organizations and Chinese enterprises in Djibout, were present. ,  
After watching the photo exhibition, the guests praised remarkable achievements made since reform and opening-up, and spoke highly of the fruitful outcomes of China-Djibouti friendly cooperation. It is hoped to made new progress in strategic partnership between two sides. Zhuo said, taking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between two countries as a new starting point, China is willing to work jointly with Djibouti to write new chapter of China-Djibouti friendship and .join hands to build a closer China-Djibouti community with a shared future. 
Moreover, the content of “Happy Spring Festival” activities in Denmark, Czech, Canada and America will be disclosed recently and the unique charm of Chinese Culture will be demonstrated in many colorful activities.

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