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Chinese Cultural Day activities take place in Havana

Date:2019-01-14 15:06:51 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Cultural Exchange Organization of Presenting China to the World

On January 11th, Chinese Cultural Day activities held by Chinese Embassy to Cuba took place in Havana International School. Many Chinese elements, such as red lanterns, martial art as well as steamed stuffed buns and Mapo Tofu, have surprised elementary and middle school students who are the first time to see Chinese culture.

“Lion dance is very interesting. Never did I experience Chinese culture before.”said Nicole Ravelio, who learned Chinese beauty through her Italian father who had gone to China for many times. The participation in Chinese Cultural Day activities further confirm her wish for going to China.

According to Michael Ris, president of Havana International School, there are more than 370 elementary and middle school students from 55 countries right now. Chinese Cultural Day held here will enable children to know more about China and strengthen school’s diverse cultural building. Moreover, the school will take these cultural programs as regular activities.

Chen Xi, Chinese ambassador to Cuba, recalled his study experience in Cuba. He said, Chinese culture has become an indispensable part of diverse Cuban culture in that Chinese people arrived here more than 170 years ago. Chinese Cultural Day taking place in international school serves as a significant means of promoting Chinese culture and strengthening cultural exchanges between China and other countries.  

Cultural activities held by the embassy, such as Happy Spring Festival and Chinese Cultural Festival in Havana, take place in Cuba every year. This year marks the 70th anniversary of New China and the 60th anniversary of the victory of Cuban Revolution. Moreover, it is also the 500th anniversary of Havana .Chinese Embassy to Cuba is willing to take this opportunity to reinforce cooperation with relevant departments to hold colorful activities and promote cultural exchanges between two countries. 

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