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The 6th China-Russia-Mongolia Tourism Minister Conference was Held

Date:2021-12-16 16:53:34 Source:Minister of Culture and Tourism Author:Organizing Committee

    On December 15th, the 6th China-Russia-Mongolia Tourism Minister Conference was held through video. Zhangxu, Chinese vice culture and tourism minister, Batobaerya, Mongolian vice natural environment and tourism minister, and Russian federal tourism Director attended the conference. They exchanged ideas on the current cooperation and development prospect of the tourism between the three countries as well as on the act to push forward the “‘Ten-Thousand-Mile Tea Road’ Cross-Border Tourism Route Implementation Map.

    Zhang Xu said that since the start of the pandemic, China, Russia and Mongolia had been cooperating to fight against the pandemic, presenting the friendship between the three countries to overcome difficulties together. He suggested that the three countries should continue to make full use of the leading effect of mechanisms and brands to improve China-Russia-Mongolia cooperation. Three countries should also enhance cooperation in training to improve the guides’ professional, so as to lay a foundation for tourism market recovery after the pandemic. Theres also the need to enhance the cooperation that could improve tourism through technology, so as to promote smart tourism that was digital, smart and internet based. In this way, the tourism cooperation between three countries would be more practical.

    Mongolian vice natural environment and tourism minister and Russian Federal Tourism Director agreed with Chinas idea to improve the tourism cooperation which was an important area with promising prospect. They hoped that the three countries would continue to support each other to cope with the pandemic and to support Ten-Thousand-Mile Tea Road” tourism products and routes, so as to promote the high-quality development of tourism cooperation between the three countries and to let people in three countries to benefit from the result of tourism cooperation. Online participators included representatives of Chinese travel agencies as well as institutional members of the Ten-Thousand-Mile Tea Road” World Tourism Association. After the conference, three parties signed the minutes of the conference.

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