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The Opening Ceremony of “China-South Korea Cultural Communication Year” was Held in the South Korea

Date:2021-09-17 10:01:41 Source:China Culture News Author:Organizing Committee

    The opening ceremony of “China-South Korea Cultural Communication Year” was held in Seoul in the South Korea. Hu Heping, China’s minister of Culture and Tourism, delivered a speech through video. Xing Haiming, China’s ambassador to the Republic of Korea, and ROK’s minister of culture, sports and tourism attended and delivered a speech.

    In Hu Heping’s video speech, he said that “China-South Korea Cultural Communication Year” represented the care of the heads of two countries, attention attached to the relationship between our two countries and people’s wish to expand the communication and to enhance mutual-understanding. They were willing to work with ROK to hold the “China-South Korea Cultural Communication Year”; to enhance cultural communication and tourism cooperation and to enable more people to travel between our countries, so as to inject new vitality to the strategic and cooperative partnership between China and ROK.

    Xing Haiming said that “China-South Korea Cultural Communication Year” was an important opportunity to improve the two countries’ relationship which had lasted 30 years. Against the background of intensified turbulence of international society due to the continuous pandemic, China and ROK needed to enhance cultural communication which bared extraordinary significance.

    ROK’s minister of culture, sports and tourism said in his speech that the next year would witness China’s Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games as well as the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and ROK, so there would be a new opportunity for two countries’ communication and cooperation. He hoped that cultural communication could help to realize common prosperity and to leave amazing culture to future generations.

    Cultural communication ambassadors attended the opening ceremony online and offline. Guests watched a video in which people from the two countries wished the bilateral relationship could be better. Xing Haiming, ROK’s minister of culture, sports and tourism and children from the ROK ignited Kongming Lanterns.


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