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The 12th China-Japan-ROK Culture Minster Conference was Held

Date:2021-09-01 09:24:28 Source:Ministry of Culture and Tourism Author:Organizing Committee

    On August 30th, the 12th China-Japan-ROK Korea Culture Minster Conference was held in Kitakyushu of Japan. Hu Heping, China’s minister of culture and tourism, Hagiuda Koichi, Japan’s The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea attended the conference online. This had been the 1st online conference between heads of cultural department of the three countries since the spike of the Covid-19. Ministers of the three countries delivered key speeches in the conference and exchanged ideas on the recovery of cultural communication and cooperation to cope with the pandemic.

    Hu Heping said in the speech that the mechanism of the China-Japan-ROK Korea Culture Minster Conference helped the three countries to carry out effective and practical cooperation and to play an important role to enhance mutual understanding, trust and communication. The pandemic posed threat to the safety of people in the world and have an impact on the communication and cooperation of the three countries. China, Japan and ROK needed to spend joint and positive effort to launch cultural communication and cooperation with wider range, deeper level and higher standard. Chinese government had four suggestions. First, we should work toward the same direction to create a friendly environment for cultural communication and cooperation. Second, we needed to inherit the past and look into the future. Third, we could transform crisis into opportunities and have an online channel for cultural communication and cooperation. And forth, we must follow the trend to start a new situation in cultural communication and cooperation.

    Ministers from Japan and ROK spoke their ideas about sustainable development, overcoming the impact of the Covid-19 and gradual recovery of cultural communication and cooperation between China, Japan and ROK. In the conference, ministers considered and passed “Kitakyushu Declaration of the 12th Cultural Ministers’ Conference Between China, Japan and ROK” and granted commemorative plaques to China’s Wenzhou city and Jinan city, Japan’s Oita prefecture and South Korea’s Gyeongju city.

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