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Hainan: International Tourism Island Promotion Event was Held in Malaysia

Date:2018-10-24 17:14:11 Source:Xinhuanet Author:Organizing Committee

    “Love Hainan·a Different Island”--China Hainan International Tourism Island Promotion Event was held in Kuala Lumpur in the evening of the October 22nd, with more than 300 representatives from politics and economic circle in Malaysia.

    The event was organized by the department of tourism, culture, broadcast, television and sports of Hainan province. The culture of Li people and Miao people, marine sports and forest health tourism were introduced to guests by playing tourism promotion video and tourism product PPT as well as other forms.

    Liu Pingzhi, vice governor of Hainan province, said that Hainan was a popular site for holiday vacation near tropical sea. Hainan had complete infrastructure and advanced position to develop tourism. The island had been promoting international holiday, so there were promising prospect and opportunities. The province was willing to share it’s progressing chances with people in Malaysia for win-win cooperation.

    Liu Pingzhi said that in the future Hainan province and Malaysia would jointly establish a non-stop flight route and an international route for cruise ships between the two places to enhance the interconnectivity and increase the number of visitor from both sides. Also, Malaysia enterprises were welcomed to invest and develop in Hainan. People from all walks of life could also participate in “Annual Conference of Boao Forum for Asia” and “Carnival of Hainan. China”. Exchanges and cooperation between the two places could be promoted in this way.

    Sim Tze Tzin, vice minister of agriculture and agricultural infrastructure of Malaysia, introduced the the exchanges and development of agriculture and trade between the two countries. He siad that China was the largest trading partner of Malaysia and the trade cooperation between the two countries had been improved on a daily bases.

    Vice minister of tourism art and culture of Malaysia said that the achievements of Hainan tourism in recent years had been amazing. The convenient flights and visa were conducive to increase the number of people going to Hainan. He also expected that more visitors from Hainan could come to Malaysia to have a taste of their delicious food.

    During the development and promotion conference was the signing ceremony of the “Haikou-Kuching flight” between Hainan Taikang Tourism Company Limited and Malindo air. The flight would be established in the December of this year and this would be the first non-stop flight from Hainan province to Malaysia.


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