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“Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” Formally Started

Date:2021-01-29 18:21:05 Source:Ministry of Culture and Tourism Author:Organizing Committee

    On January 28th, “Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” was held in the exhibition center of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee. Han Zirong, general secretary, and Zhang Xu, vice culture and tourism minister and full-time vice president of Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, jointly announced the opening of “Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” and delivered speeches.

    Zhang Xu said in his speech that holding Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics were big events for the CPC and the country. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Beijing Winter Olympic Committee would cooperate to create a sound environment for the games and let more people to pay attention to and to be influenced by them by using abundant resource of the committee, the platform of overseas China culture centers and tourism offices in other countries as well as the promotion of “Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” which could tell stories of China and Winter Olympics well.

    In the speech, Han Zirong introduced the preparation of Beijing Winter Olympic Games. She said when organizing, publicity had been one of the priorities. To further enhance it, “Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” was held. She also expressed gratitude for the support given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the game preparation.

    “Beijing 2022 Global Culture Tour” was held jointly by Media and Communications Department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Committee and International Communication and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Platforms like overseas China culture centers and tourism offices in foreign countries were used; “Winter Olympics Window” was set and “Winter Olympics online” was initiated. Promotion in 54 cities in 49 countries was carried out in stages to introduce the preparation process of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics; to show highlights including venue construction, sustainable development and people-to-people communication as well as to push forward the spread of Chinese winter culture, Spring Festival culture and the culture of the Great Wall. The event would last from the January of 2021 to the June of 2022.

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