How Many Possibilities are There for the Promotion of Cultural Inheritance

Date:2021-11-15 15:41:41 Source:Guangming Daily Author:Organizing Committee

    Currently, new ways featuring amazing content, various forms and much innovation are liked by young people from the bottom of their heart. Theres new ways to express Chinese festival” to make it popular in the internet, even to the world, from Feast at Night in a Palace of Tang Dynasty, “Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River” and so on to The Shape of Culture” helping world cultural heritage to be more alive. Theres also facts with the same result. Quanzhou is not only a bustling city full of people busy with their life, but also a global trade center for marine products in China in Song and Yuan dynasties. Now it has gained the entry into The World Heritage List. The archaeological mysterious box of Henan Museum is well-received online and visiting museums becomes a new trend in Chinese society.

    China is home to 56 world heritage and is one of the countries with the most complete set of world heritage. On the vast land of China, cultural heritage, cultural landscape heritage, natural heritage as well as natural and cultural heritage make a glorious network of world heritage.

    The world heritage is not far away from our life, instead, its in our life. National Treasure, Chinese Image Inheritor, Meet the Temple of Heaven, The Most Beautiful Central Axis” and The Shape of Culture” are cultural programs produced by TV and broadcasting industries to explore the profound outstanding traditional Chinese culture. The shows presents the amazing and colorful cultural attraction, managing to not only enable audience to enjoy themselves with video and sound, but also assist audience to know more about Chinese culture and improve their confidence in culture.

    The Palace Museum is one of the first batch of world cultural heritage in China as well as a leading figure in introducing cultural heritage to people. Through opening-up, innovation and cross-field integration, the ancient culture of the Palace Museum and the updated modern science, technology and promotion method are combined to make more and more cultural achievements loved by the public. The documentary Repairing Cultural Relics in the Palace Museum” is highly rated by young audience, even significantly improving young peoples enthusiasm to look for jobs to repair cultural relics. The palace museum cooperated with the CCTV to establish the third season of the National Treasure” and collaborated with the BTV to establish the New Things in the Palace Museum. These culture+variety” shows find new ways to exhibit and interpret items in the museum, connecting TV variety show, museum and the public in an innovative way.

    The stuff members of the Shape of Culture” come up with a slogan to enable the world heritage to be known by all walks of life. Shan Jixiang is the director of the Palace Museum who is also famous online. He led a team to have a personal experience in 12 places of cultural heritages. The team interacted with archaeologists, protectors of the heritages, tourists and local residents. The team tell the history in the world heritage in a lively way; lead the public to start a cultural journey” to find amazing stories of searching and guarding. In the process of searching, traveling, communicating, experiencing and hoping, the world heritage impressed people, so more and more people start to realize the cultural strength passed down by the ancient civilization.

    This year, the Henan Channel has introduced new ways to innovate, like the series shows of Chinese festival. Take Feast at Night in a Palace of Tang Dynasty” and “Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River” for example. They have caught the social attention. These programs focus on the innovative transformation and development of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture. The result is that the culture is inherited and is integrated into peoples daily life in a diver way. Henans cultural resource is injected with more vitality, inspiring the vitality of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture in a new era.

    Promotion methods are richer, so more people are starting to learn more and exploring the value and cultural content of the cultural heritage. Some are seeing places with cultural heritages as tourism destinations. While more people have a better understanding of the connection between the world heritage and a better life, more are devoted to the protection of cultural heritage. Of course, the endeavor is far from enough compared to the large number of world heritage and unstudied cultural content that remain unfamiliar to people. As a result, the protection, inheritance, promotion and development of cultural heritage require more strength from media as well as modern science and technology to enable the cultural heritage to be alive” and known by tons of thousands of people, so as to influence more Chinese.

    Culture needs to be found and promoted to gain the vitality of the new era and to be passed down in a smooth way. How many possibilities are there to promote the world inheritance? In the recently held Public Promotion Symposium of the World Heritage, experts and scholars form institutes of higher studies, research institutions and social organizations discussed their ideas and suggestions.

    “The value of world heritage needs to be stimulated by promotion.” Hu Yu, secretary of the party committee of the School of Journalism and Communication of the Tsinghua University, said that innovative promotion is the core of the issue. He also said the producer need to improve the youth element in the relating cultural show. Specifically, they need to increase youth participation; to improve young peoples protection ability and to arrange for the development of the cultural tourism for young people.

    Gao Menghe, professor form the Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology, put forward that in a new era of cultural and tourism integration, people can use new methods with advantages of all media to attract people to travel with culture, to go to places with world heritage and to lead social attention of the world heritage. The economic and social development and the public welfare can be improved in the places of cultural heritage. And the reputation of China can be improved in the process of showing and promoting heritage to people.

    “Four transformations must be realized to do well in the public promotion of world heritage.” said Hu Zhifeng, vice principle and deputy secretary of the party committee of Beijing Film Academy. He also said, They include to transform the professional knowledge in to that that can be easily understand by the public; to transform knowledge into things that are a part of life; to transform the ancient knowledge into modern ones and to transform Chinese culture into something that can attract the international society.” He analyzed the Shape of Culture” before he side that the four transformation are hard, but there are experience got by the stuff member of the show. He suggested that the transformation need to be close to peoples life, has attraction, be seen by more people more frequently and requires mass participation. Relating departments needed to find more about cultural relics that were in line with the feeling of people in this era. In this way, cultural relics would be a new fashion and catch more attention, then they could be topics with more vitality, leading to stronger influence of the show.

    Shan Jixiang, former president of the Palace Museum, had participated in TV programs production with cultural relics as the core for multiple times, thus he had much to say about this. He said, The popularization of cultural relics should see confidence as the foundation, patriotism as the soul, traditional cultural as the background and fashion as the style.” He hoped trough concerted effort, cultural relics with glorious past would be respected by more in the current era and would have a better future wit innovation.

    He also stressed that the guidance and support of the government and the CPC were indispensable for the inheritance and promotion of the outstanding traditional Chinese culture. The Publicity Department of the CPC and the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television had been spending significant amount of effort in the right direction to promote the outstanding Chinese culture, leading to outstanding cultural shows and stronger atmosphere to promote the traditional culture. A new system of the promotion of the Chinese civilization composed of TV series, documentary, shows and other products with multiple media. In this way, the cultural relics would become more close to peoples everyday life, which was possible for people to fall in love with cultural relics and gather spiritual strength.

    Searching for possibility of cultural heritage promotion should be a part of the cultural relics inheritance. Only with extensive promotion of cultural heritage, could it be accepted by the public, could attention from social organization be attracted to it and could it be inherited. Just like the second season of The Shape of Culture” which shaped a journey that could enable people to experience the world cultural relics from three aspects, namely youth, Chinese story and the atmosphere of everyday life. The experience would support the civilization achievement to be shared by the international society and let Chinese wisdom move the world.

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