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China Culture Center in Belgrade bridges the friendship between Serbia and China

Date:2018-12-28 14:37:36 Source:People Daily Author:Organization

Cranes were running with ceaseless work; heavy-load trucks were seen on the road and workers were getting busy with great enthusiasm. Recently, the reporter walked into Belgrade, capital city of Serbian, to visit the the construction site of China Cultural Center.. In front of the building, eight-floor building is outlined as five floors have been completed. According to the blueprint, it much seems like a set of mountain-and-water painting featuring flowing lines and grand landscapes when finished.
The project of China Cultural Center in Belgrade kicked off in July, 2017. “As the first China Cultural Center in the Western Balkans, it will serve as an important platform for Serbia and neighbouring countries to deeply understand Chinese culture.”said Chinese ambassador to Serbia Li Manchang, 
“As an important platform for inter-connectivity between two countries, the construction of China Cultural Center will promote cultural exchanges between China and Serbia and enhance friendship between two peoples. Both sides are hoped to tell Serbia-China stories well.” said Vladan Vukosavljevic, Serbian minister of Culture and Information.
“China Cultural Center will bridge the friendship between two peoples and build a larger arena for cultural and people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between two sides.” said Sinisa Mali, Serbia minister of Finance and former mayor of Serbia.
“I am so excited about its rise as it will serve as a window to understand China. It is hoped to be completed as soon as possible!” said the owner of an restaurant near the China Cultural Center.
“Though a long distance between China and Serbia, they are closely connected with each other,” Sota Tania, who worked in China Radio International before, is participating in the construction of China Cultural Center as an employee of Shandong Hi-Speed Group now. “There will be not only Chinese exhibition hall but also Chinese kitchen, opera stage and classroom, which enable Serbian people to perceive China” she added. 
“In recent years, China and Serbia witnessed an increasing cooperation in cultural and people-to-people exchanges. Therefore,  people in Serbia show a growing interest to Chinese culture,” said Vladan Vukosavljevic, noting that he visited Shandong province in China not long ago with a lot of history and culture worthwhile to share with the world. It is believed that China Cultural Center will connect two peoples in communications. 
“I am overwhelmed by the splendid and profound Chinese culture,” said Zimonjic, a student from the University of Belgrade, adding that he is trying to learn Chinese so as to have a better understanding about China with the help of China Cultural Center.

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