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A Grand Event for Cultural and Art Exchanges in Northeast Asia

Date:2018-12-10 14:07:55 Source:People Daily Author:Organization

Speaking of the cultural treasuries in Northeast Asia, such as Korean paper puppets, Japanese tea wares, Russian oil paintings, Mongolian carved bones, Yu Bowen from Harbin were excited, saying that it was a pleasure to experience the exchanges and conflicts between different cultures through enjoying these cultural treasuries in Harbin. 

Recently, the First Northeast Asian Cultural and Art Fair was inaugurated in Harbin with a lot of visitors from home and abroad being attracted. This successful exhibition, which was jointly held by the Publicity Department of Harbin Municipal Committee and the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, demonstrated the initial achievements of comprehensive cultural exhibition within the Northeast Asia. 
Bao Buren, an artist from Mongolia, walked into the national intangible cultural heritage inheritor area and conducted in-depth exchanges on leather painting with Zhang Lin, an inheritor of fish leather craft from Hezhe ethnics. In another side, Quan Tairen, a South Korean artist of paper puppet, came to the Chinese paper-cutting stand and witnessed the paper-cutting performance of Chinese character “喜”.
“This exhibition provides inheritors of intangible cultural heritage with a great platform for exchanges, and enable our traditional skills to be known by more people.”said Zhang Lin, 
“It is the third time that I came here. China is my favorite country and Harbin people with high cultural literacy and ability of appreciation show their great interest to hand-made dolls. ”said Quan Tairen.
According to Cao Binbin, a staff member of exhibition committee, the first Northeast Cultural and Art Fair attracted 268 companies, 21 governmental delegations as well as 5 countries including Japan and Korea. The the number of people in main exhibition hall hit 118 thousand and visitors attending parallel sessions and relevant activities stood at 78 thousand.   
“There is large space for countries in Northeast Asia to pursue mutual cooperation since they are close to each other, compatible in culture and connected in people’s mind-set. This exhibition incorporates resources of Harbin and Shenzhen to push forward the cultural exchanges and cooperation with the countries in Northeast Asia.” said Jiao Yuanchao, member of the Harbin Municipal Standing Committee and head of the Publicity Department.

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