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Culture Minister Luo Shugang Met Tunisian Culture Minister

Date:2015-09-08 17:48:21 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    On September 7th, culture minister Luo Shugang met Tunisian culture Minister.
    Luo Shugang said that in recent years, the cultural relation between China and Tunisia had been developing rapidly and exchanges had been going on frequently. Last year witnessed the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Tunisia when the two countries conducted a series of celebration relating to culture communication, enhancing the friendship of people in two countries. In the February of this year, China sent a food culture delegation to “Happy Chinese New Year” Chinese Food Culture Festival, which was received warmly by people in Tunisia. Luo Shugang said that both sides were about to sign a memorandum of understanding to establish culture centers in each others’ country. China was willing to work with Tunisia to build a China culture center in Tunisia.
    Tunisia culture minister said that in recent years, China-Tunisia cultural communication had rich communication. Tunisia government was satisfied with the cultural relationship between the two countries and had praised China for the attention payed by China’s Culture Minister. Sfax, a city of Tunisia, was chosen to be the city of Arab culture in 2016. Tunisia was willing to invite Chinese art troupes to participate in relating cultural events and to offer support and favorable condition to the third “Chinese Culture Festival”. 
    After the conference, delegates of both sides signed “Memorandum of Understanding Between the Culture Ministries of China and Tunisia on the Establishment of Cultural Centers in Each Other's Countries”.
    Ding Wei, vice culture minister and Tarek Amri, Tunisia ambassador to China, attended the event above.

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