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Gansu: Classic Dance “Silk Road” was Performed in Sydney

Date:2018-10-11 17:07:48 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organizing Committee

    “Silk Road”, a Chinese classical dance, was performed in Sydney of Australia. More than 50 dancers from China Gansu Opera and Dance Art Institution presented the ancient Dunhuang civilization of China.

    The inspiration of the dance were Silk Road and famous mural in Dunhuang. The story could be divided into six sections, happening in the peak of Tang Dynasty. It told a touching story happened on the ancient Silk Road, in which the painter Shenbi Zhang, his daughter Yingniang and the Persian businessman Inuse faced difficulties together. The dance presented the frequent exchanges and reciprocal atmosphere between China and the western region in Tang Dynasty.

    The tour comprised the merits of song and dance from different places; customs designing had features of multiple nationalities and the music was a combination of Dunhuang traditional and modern music.

    Chen Shuang, director of Sydney’s China Culture Center, said that the tour showed the attraction of culture in Dunhuang and China. He hoped that Australia audience could understand Dunhuang art and Chinese civilization through “Silk Road”.

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