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Guangxi: the Finals of the Competition of “Sing the Song of Friendship Together” in Vietnam was Finished

Date:2018-11-12 17:28:03 Source:Xinhua News Agency Author:Organizing Committee

    In the evening of November 10th, “Sing the Song of Friendship Together” was held jointly by Guangxi People's Radio Station of China and Vietnam National Song and Dance Theater. The finals of Vietnam of China-Vietnam Song Competition was held in a performance center in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. After 4 hours, 5 competitors and groups made to the finals.

    21 competitors and groups from branch competition zones of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City were in the finals. They sang popular songs in both Chinese and Vietnamese, like “I Love You China”, “Support Each Other”, “Kapok Flower” and “Vietnam, My Hometown”, all of which gained applause form audience.  

    The acting dean of the Vietnam National Song and Dance Theater and the deputy director of the Vietnam competition said that the competition had been holding for consecutive years. This year’s competition attracted the attention of Vietnam society. Many professional singers joined it, improving the quality of the competition. “Competitors love Chinese culture and music. There are various kinds of songs with relatively high art standard.”

    Peng Shituan was the cultural counsellor of China’s Embassy in Vietnam. When he was interviewed by a reporter, he said that young people from Vietnam joined the competition of “Sing the Song of Friendship Together”, and their career developed because of this. It also contributed to the friendship and people-to-people communication between China and Vietnam. Cultural communication between the two countries would enhance the friendship, mutual understanding, people-to-people connection and win-win cooperation.

    The China-Vietnam singing competition named “Sing the Song of Friendship Together” started at 2005. It’s seen as a “music bridge” between China and Vietnam by Chinese singing Vietnamese songs and Vietnamese singing Chinese songs. From 2010, the finals had been held in China and Vietnam, one country each year. This year’s finals would be held in the Nanning city of Guangxi province in China on November 28th.

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