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The Most Beautiful China--Envoys to China in Shaoshan·Hunan

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    Cultural exchange of presenting China to the world--The Most Beautiful China·Envoys to China in Shaoshan·Hunan

    Shaoshan city whose name came from the south visit of Shun, leader of an ancient tribe, locates in the middle of Hunan province. It’s the hometown of Mao Zedong, a great leader for Chinese. The city is also a famous revolutionary memorial site in China, a national key area of scenic beauty, a national 5A scenic site, an outstanding tourism city and a national education base of patriotism.

    Shaoshan boosts outstanding natural and ecological environment. It locates in humid subtropical monsoon climate zone. It’s easy to tell four seasons apart. The average annual temperature is 16.7. The annual precipitation is 1358mm. About 280 days are free from frost. The average time exposed to sunlight is 1717 hours. Average forest coverage amounts to 56%. The air here is fresh, gaining the reputation of “natural air bar”.

    Shaoshan was where Mao Zedong living, studying and working in his teenage years and where he plunged to revolution. Since the foundation of a new China, attention had been payed to Shaoshan by the CPC and the nation. The CPC had been leading people here to struggle for about half a century to transform the remote and backward village back then to a famous national scenic area with rapidly-developing agriculture and industries, plenty of memorial sites, complete set of infrastructure and improved education, science, technology, culture and sanitary. Currently, tourism had became the main industry of Shaoshan. The main part of tourism included Mao Zedong's Former Residence, Mao Zedong's Bronze Statue, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Hall of Mao Zedong’s Relics, Mao Zedong Poetry Stone Tablets and Mao Zedong Memorial Park. The base of tourism was natural sites including Shaofeng Peak, Dishui Cave, Heishi Village and so on. There was a comprehensive tourism area composed of 7 scenic areas and 82 sites with integrated functions of tourism, paying tribute, entertainment and leisure. Besides, it’s also home to historical, great people’s and ecological cultures, so the development prospect was promising.

    The 120th anniversary of the great leader Mao Zedong is arriving. The Cultural Exchange Organization of Presenting China to the World pays tribute to him. The organization contributes to cultural communication between China and the world by conducting a series of cultural communication of various kinds with aims to promote outstanding traditional Chinese culture, speed up the development and prosperity of cultural industries, support cultural communication between China and the world, enhance the friendship and communication between people in the word, improve China’s soft power, support China to have more say in the international society and to realize the great Chinese dream.

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