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The Signing Ceremony of 2020 Hua’an (Beijing) Tourism Investment Promotion and Development Conference was Held in Beijing

Date:2020-01-17 11:42:30 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    On January 11th, 2020 Hua’an (Beijing) Tourism Investment Promotion and Development Conference and the Inaugural Meeting of Hua’an Chamber of Commerce in Beijing was held in Beijing, China’s capital. Attendees included Zhu Baili, secretary of party committee of Hua’an county, Jian Hongkun, head of Hua’an county, and people responsible for signing enterprises, tourism enterprises and some chambers of commerce in Beijing, as well as nearly 300 people who were experts, guests from media industry and those from Hua’an.

    Zhu Baili said in his speech that Beijing was not only an ancient city with long history and rich culture, but also a place with business opportunities and profit. The promotion and the signing ceremonies were held in Beijing, a fact to show the determination of the CPC party committee of Hua’an county and the county-level people’s government to turn lush mountains and lucid water into gold and silver mountains. Hua’an situated in the east bank of the mainland of China. It’s famous for it’s sound ecology with 72.73% of forest coverage and 100% of water qualification rate for section of Beixi River of Jiulong River (Hua’an section), enabling the county to gain the honor of national key ecological function area and national forest park. Today’s Hua’an would become an investment spot with great potential and a happy land suitable for living, industries and businesses.

    Zhu Baili said that Hua’an welcomed friends from all walks of life to invest and to build the county as a national leisure tourism demonstration zone and an important national destination for leisure tourism. In addition, he hoped that those who were from the county or members of Hua’an Chamber of Commerce in Beijing would pay more attention to their hometown with care and patriotism and would show connecting effect, so other places would set up projects there.

   In the project and development conference, Jian Hongkun promoted the tourism investment in Hua’an with an presentation which could be divided into three parts, namely “where is the fresh Hua’an”, “here is the fresh Hua’an” and “the fresh Hua’an is waiting for you” to introduce tulou (literally earth buildings) which were world heritage with local characteristic, tieguanyin tea industry, jiulongbi which was a kind of local jade, tourism in Gongya mountain whch was a national forest park, local characteristic agricultural products as well as some unique tourist sites, including but not limited to Xianzi lake, Dongxi Ceramic Kiln and Wumenglou houses. Tourism resources were illustrated with words and pictures, enabling attending entrepreneurs to have better understanding for it’s prospect.

    With the witness of attending heads, the government of Hua’an county signed a tourism investment frame agreement with Beijing Zhonghe Wanjia E-Commerce Co., Ltd and Beijing Silk Road Tourism Investment Group. Mr.Tang Muhai, a conductor famous in the world and who was from Hua’an, was employed as a permanent “image ambassador”.

    After the conference held the inaugural meeting of Hua’an Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. County heads including Zhu Baili and Jian Hongkun granted the plaque to the chamber of commerce as well as it’s president, executive president, chief supervisor, deputy president and secretary general. Students who were from Hua’an and studied in Beijing were also awarded.

    Heads of the Hua’an county attending the conference were Wu Jingjing, Ceng Asheng, Fang Mude, Yang Zichuan, Zheng Yanjuan and Yang Jingde.

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