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The 2021 Guizhou Investment Promotion Conference was Held in Beijing

Date:2021-05-12 17:14:53 Source:Organizing Committee Author:Organizing Committee

    At 4 o’clock in the afternoon on May 11th, “Lush Mountains and Lucid Waters Greeting Honored Guests”--2021 Capital Investment Promotion Conference of Guizhou Agricultural Deep Processing and Health Industry was held in Beijing Asia Hotel. Investment Promotion Bureau of Guizhou Province brought 200 projects to Beijing to promote investment. 200 projects covered 12 industries, including characteristic agriculture, health and care for senior citizens, attracting more than 130 central enterprises, leading agricultural companies and listed companies to learn more about the economic future of Guizhou.

    Heads of the departments came to the conference, including those of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Department of Civil Affairs, Forestry Bureau and other branch departments as well as those of Zunyi city, Liupanshui city, Anshun city, Bijie city, Tongren city, Qiandongnan prefecture, Qianxinan prefecture, Qiannan prefecture and other cities and prefectures. They communicated with outstanding enterprises and investors to discuss the promising future of Guizhou.

    Ma Lei, director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Guizhou Province and director of Leadership Office of Guizhou’s Industrial Investment Promotion, was the main person in the conference. He communicated with attending entrepreneurs about the social economic development and the future benefit form Guizhou’s industrial development to them. He said that today’s Guizhou was no longer an example of poverty and backwardness. Changes were going on and the province was more and more attractive. The investment appeal could be divided into four aspects.

    Ma Lei introduced 200 projects to entrepreneurs including 12 characteristic agricultural industries, health industry and care for the senior citizen with expected investment amounting to 49.23 billion yuan. The detailed, considerate and trust-worthy services could be seen every where. Participating entrepreneurs’ name and seats were illustrated on a chart for them to find their seats in a fast and convenient way. Policies and information of 200 projects were printed in pamphlets which were given to attendees for them to have a clear understanding of projects. The official wechat account and the downloading QR code of the electronic material of projects were also published.

    In the end, Ma Lei said, “Those starting businesses in Beijing are called beipiao (literally, floaters in Beijing) and those doing the same thing in Guizhou are referred to as guiren (literally respected people). I hope all entrepreneurs will come to invest in Guizhou which is a piece of amazing land. I wish you will witness a large improvement of your career, just like what happened to the CPC after Zunyi Meeting. I also wish you can see your companies break through limits and have major successes, like what happened to the CPC after their crossing Chishui river for four times. I express my gratitude to you for your attention and support. I’m glad that I can be with all of you in Beijing and finish my main task which is to  present Guizhou in Beijing. I hope that in the future, we can have win-win cooperation in Guizhou.”

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