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The Most Beautiful China-Global Envoys to China into Handan in Hebei Province

Date:2019-09-28 09:32:46 Source:Cultural Exchange Organization Author:Cultural Exchange Organization

Cultural Exchanges of Presenting China to the World: the Most Beautiful China-Global Envoys to China into Handan in Hebei Province

Handan, a prefecture-level city located in the south of Hebei province and east foot of Taihang Mountain, has a long history of 3000 years. Its name “Handan” has been passed down ever since its founding. Meanwhile, Handan is aslo.an important cradle of Chinese civilization with many titles. It is the National Civilized City, National Smart City, Capital of Chinese Idioms, National Renowned City of Culture and Tourism, Nationally Designated Garden City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Model City in Afforestation. It is the most influential city in the world, national base for new material industry, national pilot city of circular economy. It is the hometown of compass, China cultural town of Goddess Nuwa, China prose city, China Tai Chi hometown and capital of iron. It is also the transportation hub in Northern China, cradle of Yang-style and Wu-style Tai Chi with a good reputation as a sacred place of Tai Chi. Handan features various cultures including Mao Sui Culture, Cishan Culture, Zhao culture, Nuwa culture, grotto culture, Cizhouyao culture, revolutionary culture, Jianan culture, Guangfu Taichi culture and dream culture. Besides, there are many scenic spots within Handan, such as Huangliangmeng tourism spots (built on a story of a dream about a poor young scholar on his way to the capital to take exams to become a government official), Wahuang Palace (built 1,400 years ago to celebrate a special goddess), 129th Regiment Commands site, Qibugou tourism site, Guangfu ancient town, Jingniang Lake (Its name originated from the touching story of Zhao Kuangyin, the first emperor of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) who sent off the girl he rescued, Jingniang), Xiangtangshan Grottoes (The sight is comprised of 16 grottoes with thousands of Buddha statues and offers a good opportunity to study Buddhist architecture, caving, painting and Calligraphy), Chaoyanggou, East Taihang scenic spot, museum of Chinese idiom, China Cizhouyao Museum, Cishan Culture museum. While local specialties include Congtai wine, Jize spices, Qu Noodles, apple pear of Wei County, Yongnian garlic, Daming black dates and red apricot, Wubaiju sausage.

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