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The Most Beautiful China--Foreign Ambassadors in China Step into Jiaozhou, Shandong Province

Date:2017-09-25 11:48:47 Source:Organization Author:Organization

Cultural exchanges activities of presenting China to the world--the most beautiful China series of activities step into Jiaozhou, Shandong Province.

Jiaozhou city is located in the southwest of Shandong peninsula and northwest coast of Jiaozhou Bay, with long history, beautiful scenery, rich tourism resources, obvious geographical advantages and convenient transportation. With 5000 years history, it belonged to Lv and Jie State in Spring and Autumn Period, Banqiao Town was set up in Tang Dynasty, and was flourishing in northern Song Dynasty. With the booming of Seaborne trade continuously, the market departments and Jiaoxi market were set up, which becomes the only foreign trade port to the north of Yangtze River and one the five largest commercial ports, as well as important nodes of Maritime Silk Road with a reputation of golden Jiaozhou. All of those help Jiaozhou people form the humanistic tradition of inclusiveness and fraternization, mercantilism and trustworthy, and morality. There are more than 100 historical celebrities with the representative of Gao Fenghan, one of the eight eccentric painters in Yangzhou; Jiaozhou Yangko dance and Jiaozhou Maoqiang (a kind of drama) were included in country’s first batch of intangible cultural heritage at the same time, as well as paper cutting and octagonal drum were selected in the list of the Shandong Province intangible cultural heritage protection. And Shandong has been the permanent place for Chinese Yangko Festival. There are rich tourism scenery such as Jiaozhou Three Mile River cultural site, Shaohai new city, Ai mountain scenic area, Gao Fenghan Memorial Hall, Jiaozhou Three Mile River park, Dagu River upgrade tourist resort, and the ancient city of herding horse. Besides, it boasts Jiaozhou cabbage, peach of northern Liang, black pig in Licha, Jiaozhou Bay variegated clam and other local speciality. 

About 40 people including SCO general secretary Alimov and the ambassadors of the members of SCO in China stepped to Jiaozhou to investigate Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park and investment environment, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of City, as well as mayor Zhang Youyu, and the vice mayor Li Baoshuai. 

Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of City, as well as mayor Zhang Youyu, and vice mayor Li Baoshuai have a cordial exchange with SCO secretary Alimov, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador to China Shakhrat Nuryshev, Russian ambassador to China Andrey Ivanovich Denisov at the promotion of Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park hosted in municipal office building of Jiaozhou.

In his speech, Jiaozhou mayor Zhang Youyu welcomed to the delegation guests to visit Jiaozhou and expressed his gratitude to the delegation guests for their concern, assistance and support to Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park and Jiaozhou. He said the success of the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation has broadened their vision, made clear targets and pointed out the direction for building Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park in Jiaozhou. With the cordial concern and support of SCO, Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park was pushed to the world stage. Zhang Youyu hoped that through delegation guests to convey the open determination, development confidence and cooperative sincerity to the world. Taking the advantage of Belt and Road, all parties share the development bonus of international capacity cooperation and jointly open a new chapter of economic and trade cooperation between Eurasian countries. 

SCO secretary Alimov expressed Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park with distinctive features had a broad prospect for development and played an important role in Belt and Road strategy. He hoped to deepen the understanding and build a high quality platform for comprehensive cooperation and common development through further communication with all parties and promotion, as well as expanded the cooperation among the SCO countries to achieve win-win situation. 

Before the meeting, accompanied by deputy mayor Li Baoshuai, Alimov and his group have came to investigate Eurasian Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial Park and multimodal transport customs supervision center.  

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