Mid-Autumn Festival is knocking our door again, “Inside my sight the full moon light, homesickness breaks sword night”. Bright moon on Mid-Autumn Festival inspired poet Du Fu who is far from home to worry about national affairs and miss his family. He was also looking forward to reuniting with friends and family to enjoys full moon together. 

A pool of bright moon shines through history and people afar appreciate it together. During Mid-Autumn Festival, there are a series of folk celebrations, including moon worship, mooncake sending and eating , friend and relative’s banquets, poetry creation, even big poetry symposium and literary and artistic evening performance. 

As an important carrier of Chinese traditional culture and a significant part of Chinese fine traditional culture, festivals boast many excellent cultural factors which play an indispensable role in seeing the back of outdated social mores and cultivating people morally and intellectually. 

In order to spread Chinese traditional festival culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been included in the first National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006 and National Legal Holiday in 2008.

It is said that traditional festivals, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, have become the symbol of Chinese traditional culture and the carrier of national identity. They also provide world with a good opportunity to better understand Chinese culture.

Since its founding, the Communist Party of China has actively advocated and promoted China’s advanced culture 

Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012, the Central Committee has attached much importance to the development and inheritance of Chinese fine traditional culture, and always treated traditional culture as the deep spiritual pursuit of Chinese nation. To carry forward Chinese fine traditional culture is highlighted in increasing cultural confidence, showing cultural soft power, developing advanced socialist culture and achieve national rejuvenation.

As china’s composite national strength is increasing, the popular appeal and influence of Chinese culture are also enhanced gradually. 

General Secretary Xi Jinping addressed a national conference on publicity and ideological work on 22nd Augus