Some activities in Double Ninth Festival are to commemorate ancestors, pray for peace and harmony with a high view and pursue good luck and health from entertainment when appreciating chrysanthemums, writing poets and wearing cornels. Through more than two thousand years’ development, Double Ninth Festival boasts of diverse themes and cultural connotations with deep emotion and unchanged spirits of home and country. Old-age support, one of the significant themes, is widely spread in modern culture.

“九” and “久” share the same pronunciation and the latter means a long life span. Double Ninth Festival is granted with the underlying meaning of longevity for elderly people. It is also our traditional festival for old-age support. According to Rights Protection Law of the People's Republic of Elderly People released on June 1st 2013, the festival for the elderly is set up on every lunar double ninth, during which there are such colorful activities throughout China that spread filial culture and cultivate an atmosphere of elder care. This setting-up is the inheritance of traditional filial culture and injects new connotations of elder care to this festival.

It is a good opportunity to carry forward filial culture and diffuse the social value of caring for the elderly through festivals. However, it is not only in festival that we should do such thing but also in daily life.

When it refers to elderly care, we need to support them first. With the growing ageing population, old-age support has become a difficult one among many livelihood problems . In addition to family, government and society should also commit efforts to ensure elderly people a good life. In terms of government, it should continuously advance the medical reform, leaving the elderly to live a prosperous life without concern for disease cure. As for social aspect, groups like communities, charities, volunteers play a positive role in cultivating social atmosphere of looking after elderly people.

We also need to pay much attention to their spiritual life. A growing number of people is leaving their hometown to work or study abroad. Therefore, little do they have opportunity to reunion with their family. Senior people’s loneliness has been brought to public attention. Most of them expect their children to return home frequently. As a saying goes, “one should not travel to distant places while one’s parents are alive”. Although this is impossible nowadays, some easy work like chatting with our parents and give them a back or leg massage is workable.

Double Ninth Festival brings much emotion for senior people. We should inherit and spread the traditional virtues of elder care to ensure them a happy and peaceful life.

The filial culture should be rooted in the bottom of heart