The 15th MFA Presenting Chinese Provinces, which centered on “China in the New Era: New Shandong with New Growth Drivers, A Win-Win Cooperation for the world” , was held in Lanting on September 20th. 

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, Shandong has become the vanguard in the leapfrog development of China since the reform and opening-up. Entering into the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the major thought for Shandong development-“With new bird in place of the last so as to achieve new development”, which needs Shandong to speed up the rising of emerging industry and promote the replacement of old growth driver so as to form new model and explore new pathway. This thought not only pointed out the direction for high-quality development, but also drew development blueprint for Shandong’s future. Chinese economy steps into the stage of moving faster to replace old growth drivers with new ones, which not only accelerates the restructuring and upgrading of Chinese economic structure, but also revitalizes the economy in the world. We are willing to share the country's development opportunities with other countries.            

Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Party Committee of Shandong Province, said Shandong has been steadily implementing the innovation-driven development strategy with more efforts on coordinated development. It tries to create the new high level of opening up following the path of green development. The governor of Shandong Province Gong Zheng introduced Shandong from such aspects as innovation and development, rural revitalization, ocean economy, green ecology, cultural inheritance, the advantages of opening-up and business environment. He also invited friends across the world to share new development opportunities. 

Many ambassadors respectively introduced the cooperation between Shandong and their countries. They are Andrey Denisov from Russia, Noh, Youngmin from Korea, Barbara Woodward from British, Winnie Chibesakunda from Zambia, Clemens von Goetze from Germany. They spoke highly of the history, culture and economic potential, adding they would engage in exchanges with Shandong and expand the win-win cooperation.

Ambassadors to China from more than 140 countries, representatives in China of International organizations, representatives of the Business Community, experts and scholars from home and abroad and media reporters attended this event. (Original article from Xinhua News Agency)   

Shandong global promotion activities were held in Beijing