Cultural Exchange

“China Time” activities enhance people-to-people exchanges between China and Germany

The 7th “China Time” activities were held in the auditorium of town hall at Hamburg---the second largest city in Germany. These activities attracted more than 300 friendly people from political and commercial sectors in China and Germany. This event focused on digitalization and city with “The Pluse of City” as its theme, which would present the traditional and modern China by more than 150 different activities, including exhibition, concert, lecture, forum, poetry recital and film.  

At the opening ceremony, Peter Chencell, the mayor of Hamburg, said there has been a long history of communications between China and Hamburg. Even in the 19th century, sailors from China had ever arrived at this land. Till now, Hamburg has more than 10 thousand Chinese people and about 500 Chinese enterprises. The Port of Hamburg is an important portal for Europe to Asia and China. Under the framework of “the Belt and Road” Initiative, eight China-Eurpoe express trains travel between Hamburg to Zhengzhou every week, providing a fast and efficient freight route between Europe and Asia.

Several days ago, the No.10,000 China-Europe cargo train successfully started from Hamburg to Wu Jiashan Railway Container Center in Wuhan. With the improvement of international railway’s cooperation mechanism, the brand effect of china-Europe railway line will continue to expand. 

According to Tabala, the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Hamburg, people-to-people exchanges are of great importance while Hamburg should strengthen economic connections with China. “China Time” activities play such a role that promoting understanding and friendship between two sides. She hoped that the increasing number of people in Hamburg could understand Chinese culture and more and more Chinese enterprises would be attracted to this city via this platform. 

Sun Congbin, Chinese Consul General in Hamburg, said, it was the second time that he had made an speech for the China-Germany friendship in auditorium of Hamburg town hall, and now “China Time” has been developed into an important event which plays a role in promoting bilateral relations. He added, “ As the new round of scientific and technological revolution unfold, China and Germany are continually strengthening their cooperation in digitalization, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, electric car and other fields. It has optimistic impact on making a bigger pie of manufacturing industry and developing new market as well as working for the welfare of the two peoples. Digitalization and development of city attract much public attention at this event because the former has had an increasing effect on the development of city so as to change people’s daily life. And both China and Germany come to the forefront of promoting digitalization.”

“China Time” activities have been held every two years by Hamburg since 2006. The event will be end on September 23. (Original article from People’s Daily)