A country will prosper only when its culture flourishes; a nation will thrive only when its culture is getting strong. The Chinese nation will not be revived without high cultural confidence and flourishing culture.

Recently, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, stressed in a national conference on publicity and ideological work that we need to stick to the right political direction and shoulder the missions of upholding flag, gathering strength, fostering new generation, reinvigorating culture and showing images to fulfill our mission on publicity and ideological work under new circumstances,. The prosperity of culture demands great efforts in crucial part so as to advance publicity and ideological work. 

What is “reinvigorating culture”? It means that we need to stick to the path of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of fine Chinese traditional cultures, inherit the revolutionary culture, and develop the advanced socialist culture so as to tap the potential of the national cultural innovation and creation, and build a socialist cultural power. Its main purpose is to stimulate the culture vigor and develop a socialist cultural path with Chinese characteristics from fine Chinese culture to revolutionary culture to advanced socialist culture. This is the choice to be a strong country with culture. It can also connect the whole nation in dreams and beliefs, values and moral concepts so as to commit to greater efforts for our Party and the national cause.

Why should we “reinvigorate culture”? Culture is the soul of a nation and a country. The Chinese nation not only created the splendid culture but also showed its extraordinary confidence, which is more fundamental, broader, and deeper. This confidence serves as a more basic, deeper and more lasting force. However, with the development of economy and society, some problems arise, such as culture anxiety, “spirit sliding” and bottleneck in writing. They restrict the prosperous impetus and potential of cultural innovation and creation to some extent. To reinvigorate culture is not only to carry forward the fine cultural bloodline and traditions, but also to remove the obstacles and puzzles faced by cultural development. A nation and a country will obtain endless impetus of development when continuously raising the culture level in society and accumulating people’s cultural strength.

How should we “reinvigorate culture”? Culture is abstract but reinvigorating culture demands real action. Its core is “innovation”. On one hand, we need to dig out the time feature of fine Chinese traditional culture and conduct the innovative transformation; on the other hand, we need to “refresh and innovate” and conduct innovative development. It demands the promotion of creativity and innovation on the premise of fully tapping the vitality no matter it is in daily life or the creation of literary and artistic works or internet cultural phenomenon. To be sure, neither does it refer to fabricating history, deviating from common sense, propagating fallacy, entertaining oneself wildly, challenging the bottom line and violating the law, nor it is about vulgarity and kitsch in literary and artistic creation. However, it should conform to the core values of socialism. Only if we taking this as the basic stone of cultural innovation and creation can we provide the high-quality cultural supply to meet the increasing demands of people’s cultural life.

The innovation of system and mechanism is also the important guarantee of reinvigorating culture. It is necessary to promote the standardization and equalization of public cultural services with government leadership and social participation. Meanwhile, we should shift the focus downwards, improve the modern cultural industrial system and market system though discussion and collaboration. We should also foster new cultural formats and consumption patterns so as to push forward the in-depth reform of the cultural system…, and fully unleash the energy of institution. Therefore, the cultural energy can surge ahead and the people's cultural sense of acquisition and happiness can be increased.

Xi pointed out that china has firm confidence in road, theory and system, and the essence of those is the cultural confidence based on more than five thousand years of civilization inheritance. Where are we from? Where should we go? This sense of history reminds us of deep culture and this sense of time reminds us to inherit the cultural life. Standing at the vast land of 96 million square kilometers and being emerged in culture fertilizer accumulated in the process of long struggle, we can unite the 1.3 billion Chinese as an extraordinary force. Each and every of us should have such confidence that build our road featuring wide stage, in-depth history deposits and strong stability to forge ahead. 

To reinvigorate culture will benefit generations to generations but demand current efforts. It is necessary to articulate the melodious voice of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics so as to step jointly into new era, strengthen “Four Consciousnesses” and stick to the “Four Confidence”. 

Reinvigorating culture to write a new epic of Chinese nation