On July 23, Huang Kunming, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and director of the Publicity Department, met with sinologists from all over the world who attend the 2018 Symposium on China Studies in Beijing. He hoped that they would integrate the study of a long history of Chinese culture with interpreting contemporary China’s development to bridge the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries and enhance the friendship of peoples, so that the international community can understand Chinese culture and contemporary China deeply.

At the symposium, sinologists from the United States, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, India and other countries made speeches on the theme of "40 years of reform and opening up - China and the world" and put forward suggestions on promotion of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

After listening to the speeches of sinologists, Huang Kunming introduced the history and experience of China's reform and opening up, and expressed hopes for deepening and expanding sinology research. Huang Kunming said, through reform and opening up, we could find out the development history and progress logic of contemporary China, as well as the interdependence and interaction between contemporary China and the world. I look forward to studying the ideological achievements of contemporary China deeply, especially Xi Jinping's New Era Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, grasping the ruling philosophy of the Communist Party of China and the development concept of contemporary China; I look forward to further exploring the cultural genes of contemporary China to understand where China came from and where it goes; I look forward to an in-depth observation of the practices and creations of contemporary China, and a comprehensive introduction of colorful and vibrant China; I look forward to deepening the exchanges between Chinese and foreign civilizations and enhancing the friendship between Chinese people and peoples in the world.

Huang Kunming: Looking forward to the sinologists of all countries to introduce a Colorful China