Entering Yunmen village, Xiancun town, Zhouning county, you can see many local spots such as village gates, drum towers, wall paintings, phoenix garden and halls. The characteristic elements of She ethnic group displaying everywhere would give you an unforgettable impression. Nowadays, as the administrative village where She people live, Yunmen attracts a lot of people to sightsee because of its special ethnic customs.

"As the village gets increasly beautiful, a large number of tourists come, and the villagers are leading a richer life."As a poor village, Yunmen village has always been beset by its weak industrical foundation, single source of income, and long-standing insufficient development momentum" said Lan Qingtong, head of the village committee of Yunmen village. In order to solve these problems, the Party Committees and governments at all levels have gone a further step and appointed the chief village secretary to help the villagers build infrastructure and develop She ethnic culture by investing more than five million Yuan in total. The local government mainly commit to constructing unique She village as well as local agricultural industry and expanding Yunmen’s popularity of “land of idyllic beauty”. Nowadays, the leading group and villagers of Yunmen village make fully use of the policy, which support poverty alleviation by developing culture, industry and tourism. They also apply to upgrade the tunes, medicines, snacks and ethnic costume which featured She ethnic culture,, and expand the planting scale of many local vegetables such as mandarin orange, peach, honey pomelos as well as build agritainment industry,, and various tourist facilities.  

Yunmen village boasts a growing number of tourists with its ethnic group culture, while Wubaiyang village in Qibu town attracts tourists’ attention with its revolutionary culture.

Visitors pour into Wuboyang for its lush forests, beautiful appearance, pleasant scenery, and revolutionary history. For a long time, the leading group of Yunmen have always been integrating their culture into rural tourism and developing the red revolutionary history. What’s more, they have led villagers to develop infrastructure, decorate buildings, mend roads and repair hiking trails, build agritainment to lead a better life. 

Zhouning county has always following the local tourism development, integrating its ethnic culture into rural tourism to promote “culture+tourism” and “culture+development”. Till now, they have held cultural festivals in the nine townships to promote “one township, one brand” “one village, one industry” and popularize Zhouning unique rural culture. The leading group of Zhouning country make their contributions to nature She ethnic activites such as North Road Opera, Move Iron Branch, Bench Dragon and develop some cultural tourist attractions includind Carp creek, Ancient village Hexi, Chuanzhong building. At the same time, they expand the investment to construct Hexi, Louping, Wubaiyang and other rural tourist centers, commit to speeding up the construction of Zhouning rural tourism.

Integrating culture into rural tourism to promote tourism of Zhouning