Cultural Exchange

Building a China-Africa Community with a Shared Future

China is a natural partner and good friend to Africa. They enjoy a long-time friendship and share a common future. China’s prosperity will bring more opportunities to Africa, and in turn, Africa’s development will also give impetus to China’s progress. This September, China will co-hold with African countries the China-Africa Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit, on which occasion, the two sides will have in-depth discussions on cooperation, and build closer ties for the community with a shared future. African countries all approve of the philosophy of the community, expecting to work with China to achieve common prosperity.

Rwanda President Paul Kagame appreciates President Xi Jinping’s proposition of ‘building a community with a shared future’. He believes that it is of great importance to build the community, and that through cooperation, China will provide African countries with cutting-edge technology, abundant capital and higher industrial capacity. While achieving its own development, China also helps Africa to achieve prosperity and improve people’s living standards, thus reach a win-win situation.

Hage Geingob, president of Namibia, said that infrastructure in Africa had seen a fast development thanks to China’s help. Landlocked African countries such as Botswana and Zambia  now embrace artificial estuaries, which vigorously promotes the integration process in Africa. “When landing on Africa, you can see projects invested by Chinese enterprises: railways, highways, airports, ports and so on. They transfer technology to us, create jobs and increase the added value to products. There is no reason not to welcome China? ”

Macky Sall, president of Senegal, proposed that Africa was willing to become China’s natural partner since China was doing so. Senegal gives full support for China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and would like to work with China to build a community with a shared future. 

Danisa Balloy, president of International Women’s Forum in South Africa, said that “Africa and China is in a community with a shared future of win-win cooperation. Africa regards China as the road to development, while China can also benefit from Africa’s booming economy.” From her perspective, a China-Africa community is a model for other developing countries that are in pursuit of a comprehensive cooperation, and is truly the concrete step of South-South cooperation. “Here we are, writing our history that cooperation between China and Africa will be promoted to a new level.”

Philip Mpango, finance minister of Tanzania, stated that Africa needs trade and investment, and is willing to have a fully-fledged exploration and usage of what it possesses. Africa would like to strengthen its cooperation with China to build a better world.

Sooklal, vice general director of Foreign Ministry in South Africa and the coordinator of BRICS and China-Africa Cooperation Forum, said that “if you read thoroughly the 2063 Agenda, you will find out that its aim is perfectly in accordance with the goal of China-Africa Cooperation Forum. The Forum has already become an important platform for Africa’s prosperity.”

Farhana Paluck, principal of Pearson Higher Education Academy in Pretoria, South Africa, said that over the past several years, economic cooperation between China and Africa had gradually increased, which provided a good basis for mutual cooperation in turn. To African countries, trade exchange with China has advanced their economy, especially in areas of infrastructure, which helps solving the bottleneck problems some African countries may face in industrial and structural transformation.

Demba Ba, advisor to the president of Senegal, assumed that since Senegal was the first West African country that signed the Belt and Road Initiative with President Xi Jinping during his visit, and this would be greatly conducive to the implementation of Emerging Senegal Plan. “The Initiative injects new energy to Africa’s development, and the China-Africa community with a shared future will also become stronger due to the cooperation of the Initiative.” The advisor added.

Dawalai, General Secretary of the ruling party in Djbouti, and the minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, said that “the Belt and Road has already created more than 2500 jobs in our country, and I expect good news from the Beijing Summit this September that will strengthen China-Africa comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership.” 

From the perspective of Mamadou Ndiaye, the Senegalese Ambassador to China, China-Africa Cooperation Forum has gained fruitful outcomes, from which African countries would benefit. “This is a platform for cooperation and development that helps policies to be implemented. This is also why African countries are support the Forum.”

The biggest media in Mauritius cited what Prime Minister Anerood Jugnauth said, “our country cannot develop without the supports of China.” According to the article, China facilitates the development in infrastructure and other area in Mauritius.

Ronald Clark, professor from University of the Witwatersrand, is a well-known paleoanthropologist. On the 10th BRICS Summit, via video, he introduced fossil bones of ancient humans excavated in Africa, the cradle of world’s civilization, and declared that it is a great proposal that China and Africa work together to build a community with a shared future for humankind. Ronald believed that facing the global challenges, we should join hands and build the community together and make the world a better place. 

China’s prosperity boosts Africa’s development, and vice versa. During his visit, President Xi Jinping signed almost 40 cooperative agreements that includes programs to deliver plenty of benefits to the both peoples. This has once again demonstrated that China-Africa cooperation is fruitful and pragmatic. Sooklal pointed out that a community with a shared future proposed by President Xi Jinping aims at building an inclusive and prosperous international community. “Inclusiveness rather than isolation, safeguarding a peace and stable world, living in peace and common prosperity -- this is a shared vision for all African countries.”

Magdalene Sudu, deputy director of Cultural and Art Ministry, said that cooperation between China and Africa was not only in trade sector, but also involved people-to-people exchange and cultural communication. People-to-people bond will be conductive to understanding the differentiated needs between the two countries, and help each other improve mutual trust, thus finally completing the cause for all countries.

“Every call, e-mail, and handshake bring Africa and China closer. Like trickles of water gathered to become sea, the friendship among the two peoples are growing stronger step by step.” Ibrahim Mbo, editor in chief of The Sun from Senegal, said that the adage “every person comforts another” cited by President Xi Jinping stressed the shared bond between human beings. In Senegal, Chinese people as our best friends. They share a similar dream with China. “African countries like Senegal are on the same track with China, and our cooperation will definitely be broader in the future.” From: People’s Daily.