On August 6th, Li Jinzao, Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership and Vice Minister of Cultural and Tourism, met with Grace Gompey, Nigerian Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Press, and his delegation. The two sides held in-depth discussions on cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Nigeria and achieved consensus. On behalf of each government, Li Jinzao and Gompey signed Protocol of Cultural and Educational Communication between the People’s Republic of China and the Federal Republic of Nigeria 2019-2022.

Li Jinzao extended warm welcome to Gompey and his delegation, and asked him to sent Luo Shugang’s greetings, the Cultural and Tourism Minister of China, to Rey Mohammed, Minister of Culture and Press of Nigeria. Li Jinzao reviewed that since the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in 2015, China and Africa has obtained fruitful outcomes. He pointed out that both countries are rich in cultural resources. He hoped the two sides to make concrete efforts to implement the Protocol, and strengthen exchange among cultural organizations and people in a comprehensive way. He suggested the two sides improving culture industrial cooperation and carry forward the cultural communication to a higher level, so as to make new contributions to China-Nigeria strategic partnership.

Gompey was glad to meet Li Jinzao. She said that Nigeria highly appreciated the long-time efforts made by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China for solidifying and advancing China-Nigeria relations. Nigeria would like to work with China to positively push forward cultural exchange and cooperation between the two sides, and improve the understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

Zhai Deyu, deputy director of the Public Relations Bureau of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, participated the signing ceremony. From: China Culture Org.

Li Jinzao Met with Nigerian Delegation