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The Most Beautiful China——A Trip to China·Danba

Cultural Exchange Activities of Presenting China to the World”---“The Most Beautiful China” Series Activities of Visiting the Most Beautiful village· Ancient Fortress·Tibetan Village· The Beauty Valley.

Situated in west part of Sichuan Province and the east part of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Danba county enjoys time honored history, profound Tibetan folk culture, exquisite natural landscape and charming humanity landscape, praised as “Kingdom of Thousands of Fortresses”, “The Beauty Valley”, “The Most Beautiful Village in China”, ”Historical and Cultural Village in China”, ”Village of Gorgeous Landscape in China”, ”The Capital of the Ancient Country of Dongnv” and ”Natural Geological Museum”. Thanks to its profound historical and cultural accumulation, Danba is endowed with unique folk culture, becoming the center of the Jiarong Tibetan ethnic culture. Danba holds a cluster of fortresses in both Zhonglu and Suopo, unique both domestically and abroad. It also contains Jiarong Tibetan dwellings with strong homogeneous folk, stone-chambered tombs and Guan Zhai. Moreover, Danba is endowed with thick Jiarong folk customs, which are fully illustrated by Guozhuang, Jiarong Tibetan Opera, traditional Jiarong costumes, bow and arrow dance, horse racing,traditional weddings and funerals. 

Danba teems with abundant and colorful tourist resources, including splendid natural landscape, graceful and magnificent folk custom, and ancient and mysterious folk history and culture, such famous Jiaju Tibetan Village, Mo’ erduo Mountain, Zhonglu stone-chambexed tombs, Mosika King Gesar carvings, Danba the beauty valley, Dangling scenic area and fortresses. 


Particularly, the ancient fortress cluster, known as “the miracle of stone buildings and defensive dwellings in China and even the world at large”, “kingdom of thousands of fortresses”, and “monument of human civilization”, along with Tibetan village who is living in harmony with nature, became the most bright scenery in Danba’s humanity landscape. In 2005, Danba was crowned “The Most Beautiful Ancient Village ”in Chinese National Geography-Scenic Splendor of China.

Currently, Suopo and Zhonglu Ancient Fortress Cluster is bidding world cultural heritage and will soon become a world-class valuable ethnic cultural heritage. So far, more than 600 Mosika King Gesar carvings which have been collected over than 200 years were recognized by scholars as a precious heritage in filling the gap in King Gesar culture. Danba also holds the mysterious ancient civilization of Dongnv, whose sudden extinction remains a mystery to the present day.