It is the lofty mission for modern literature and art to raise spiritual banner, set up spiritual pillar and build spiritual home on the path to the national renewal. It is the sacred and bounden duty for literature and art workers to carry forward the Chinese spirit, disseminate Chinese value and concentrate Chinese strengths.

The full text of Opinions on Flourishing the Development of Socialist Literature and Art of the CPC Central Committee was announced to the public on October 19th. Opinions implement the important spirit of General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping’s speech at the Forum on Literature and Art Work, make a plan from six aspects including guiding ideology, creative orientation, the soul of literature and art, creating excellent works, team building and the leadership of the Communist Party of China. As the top-level design in the development of literature and art, it reflects the inheritance from the same continuous line with Marxism’s view on literature and art as well as demonstrates the strong Chinese character and time features so as to draw a clear and feasible route map for further flourishing the development of socialist literature and art undertaking with Chinese characteristics and inject positive energy eliminating vice and exalting virtue.

“The changes of literary works affected by the society, the vicissitudes of articles related to the politics”. Culture is the driving force for national development, literature and art are the horn of age progressing. Only view literature and art from the general state of Chinese and the global development, plan the literature and art work in the general situation of national rejuvenation can we deeply understand its important value and fully play its crucial role. Looking back to the long river of human history, each progress of the society and every sublimation of civilization both conduct with the historic advancement of culture. Culture has become the priority among priorities in the strategy of all the countries in today’s world. It plays an irreplaceable role in the competitiveness of influence and the right to speak. No matter it is agglomerating mental strengths for national development or surpassing the early starters from behind in the competitiveness of international soft power, China’s literature and art undertaking is confronting with the historic chances which do not wait for any one, and experiencing test of the age about whether it can step farther with the help of current situation during this rapid changing era. The publishing of Opinions is not only coming at the right time but also seen as the strategic choice for looking to the future.

Flourishing the development of literature and art is very complicated with a lot of things to do, but the core lies in protecting the “root” of national culture and cultivating the “soul” of Chinese spirit. “There are a hundred, a thousand ways of creating literature and art, but the most fundamental, the most crucial and the most reliable method is to take root among the people and take root in life”. Vivid “view of people” is the essence of socialist literature and art, the basic value of its existence, and also the main line throughout the Opinions. Writing for people, expressing for people. Establishing an evaluation criterion which stands up to people’s test. Putting people in the center position of literature and art work, and reflecting this situation in every aspect. Only put the body, the mind and the emotion into the literature and art production can we create much more excellent works which mirror the outlook of age and connect ancient and modern times, link China to the world. “Literature and art are the engineering project of casting souls”, China has never run into such an urgency of wanting the cohesiveness to strengthen the solidarity and the fighting force to overcome the difficulties at the crucial stage of development and the period of entering the abyssal region of reform. Moving and inspiring people with the power of dreams. Stimulating people’s positive energy which emulates those better than themselves as well as believes in virtue and advocates goodness with the core socialist values. Concentrating the consensus with the deep emotion of patriotism, inheriting and carrying forward China’s excellent traditional culture in a creative method. Consequently, we can hold the feet firmly in the turbulent global culture, succeed and brighten our endless spirit, walk firmly and far away on the road of renewal.

Flourishing the development of literature and art is a long way for us to go. Creating first-class works living up to the era is the fundamental purpose; building a literature and art team which is excellent in both performing skills and moral integrity is the basis; increasing and improving Party’s leadership is the guarantee. “Works tell everything in the end when measuring the achievement of literature and art in an era”. We started actions from fostering the awareness of excellent works and innovative spirit to the level of keeping pace with the times to develop network literature and art, strengthen the construction of the front and promote the outstanding works to go outside, and then to enhance the the theory and criticism on literature and art, praise the good and censure the bad, eliminate vice and exalt virtue. The final purpose of literature and art lies in constantly producing batches of classic works which are worthy of disseminating and inheriting. In the final analysis, literature and art are the knowledge and art of human beings. For those people serving for literature and art, good professional qualities, lofty personality and cultivation as well as the social responsibility of carrying the morality and justice on the strong shoulders are all very important, not a single one can be omitted. Putting the ideological and moral education on the first place, combining cultivating leading figures and constructing talent teams together. Only in this way, can the literature and art undertaking blooms like hundreds of flowers with vigor and vitality. The crucial point of strengthening and improving the leadership on literature and art work lies in closely depending on the broad literature and art workers, respecting and following literary laws. We need to both build a sound atmosphere and implement mechanisms and systems. When both of them get started, we can better mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativeness of the broad literature and art workers, thus forming a powerful resultant force of cultural development and prosperity.

“I will not disappoint the calling of the times and never ever let my people down”. General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping made an exciting promise to the broad literature and art workers one year ago. And over the past one year, China’s literature and art undertaking is unfolding her wing for flying to the sky, which shows a brand-new atmosphere. Looking up to the starry sky of ideal and standing on the solid ground, literature and art workers must create much more excellent works living up the times and the people. Providing strong guidance of value, cohesiveness of culture and driving force of spirit for accomplishing the “Two Centuries” struggle objective and realizing the Chinese dream.

Write for People and Sing for Times