October 15th this year meets the first year of General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping delivering an important speech at the Forum on Literature and Art Work. And meanwhile, it is the day of releasing the complete text of Xi’s speech to the public and also the day of officially announcing the Opinions on Flourishing the Development of Socialistic Literature and Art, which is called Opinions for short in the following paragraph. Therefore, Ministry of Culture summoned a forum to review the spirit of General Xi’s speech and learn deeply the essence of Opinions, thus promoting the prosperity and development of artistic creation and production. Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Minster of Cultural Ministry Mr. Luo Shugang made a speech at the forum. Member of the Leading Party Group and Vice Minister of Cultural Ministry Mr. Dong Wei chaired the forum. Representatives of the artists from Chinese National Academy of Arts, nine art troupes directly under the Ministry of Culture, National Art Museum of China, China National Academy of Painting attended the forum. Principals from general office of the Ministry of Culture, art department and other relevant departments as well as China Cultural Media Group Limited were also present at the forum.

Mr. Luo Shugang expressed his views that the important speech made by General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping at the Forum on Literature and Art Work deeply elaborated the position and the major mission of literature and art as well as its work. Xi’s speech creatively answered a series of important questions on flourishing the development of literature and art, and the questions brought forward are full of fundamentality and directionality. We can see the comprehensive plan on doing well literature and art work under the new historical conditions. After the important speech at the Forum on Literature and Art Work by General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping was releasing, broad cadres and artists of the Ministry of Culture raised their awareness on the importance of literature and art work after learning carefully. They unified thinking, cleared the direction, got vigour inspiration and achieved fruitful results and harvest during the practical work.  

Luo Shugang said, art creation and production showed a lot of new look and new styles over the past one year, which can be reflected in many facts. Persisting in the creative orientation of putting the people central and constantly creating excellent art works have become an extensive consensus. Devoting to create, striving for excellence and making efforts to climb the peak of art have become the artists’ self-conscious action. Cultural performance in memory of 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against the Japanese Aggression and World Anti-fascist War is solemn and magnificent with unique characteristics. China National Peaking Opera Company brought Xi’an Incident, the modern opera to the theater season in 2015 of national art troupes and played well. The policy environment of art creation and production is getting better and better. The action of plunging into the thick of life and taking root in people is unprecedented. The concept of sharing the common breath and fate with people and drawing the nutrition from life is forming right now. Awarding on literature and art is gradually becoming less, criticizing on art is strengthening. Persisting in putting social benefit on the first place, and striving to accomplish the organic unity of social and economic benefits.

Mr. Luo Shugang stressed that we need to take the spirit of Xi’s speech as the future guidance, comprehensively implement Opinions, further propel art creation and production of national art troupes. He pointed out that we must soberly analysis the problems and find the difference when we fully affirm the achievement gained during the past one year. At present, there isn’t any excellent works in art troupes. The phenomena that there is quantity but no quality, and there are “high plateaus” but no “high peaks” exist. Lacking long-term plan. It has a certain random in creating and producing art works. The long-term mechanism of “plunging into the thick of life and taking root in people” is not established yet. Lacking “high-grade, high-precision and advanced” artistic talent. Therefore, he put forward several requirements on art creation and production of artistic units directly under Ministry of Culture. First of all, further learning and carrying out the major spirit of General Secretary Mr. Xi’s speech at the Forum on Literature and Art Work, implementing all the demands of Opinions. The second is to correctly understand and give full play to the role of guiding, representing and demonstrating in art creation of national art troupes. The third is to continue to push forward practical activities themed with “plunging into the thick of life and taking root in people”, stick to the creative orientation of putting the people central and strive to create ever more excellent works living up to the times. The fourth is to take art production as the core, continuously innovate and improve management mechanism of troupes and accomplish the unity of social and economic benefits. The fifth is to cultivate a talent team which is excellent in both performing skills and moral integrity, stick to artistic ideal and show China’s aesthetic spirit.

Artists and people in charge of art units directly under Ministry of Culture are more steady to the creative orientation of putting the people central by holding this forum. They will throw themselves into art creation with the sincere emotions of loving people and life, thus creating the excellent art works with chewiness, morality and temperature.  

Conversazione in Memory of One year of General Secretary Mr. Xi Jinping Delivering a Major Speech at Forum on Literature and Art Work