Ms. Liu Yandong, Member of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Vice Premier of State Council delivered a speech on the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Palace Museum in the afternoon of October 10th. She emphasized that we need to further strengthen the protection and utilization of the Palace Museum, comprehensively promote the protection on cultural heritages, the display and dissemination, the service on the audience, academic research and communication and cooperation ability; play well the role of demonstrating and leading, constantly create the fresh situation on the development of cultural relics and museum undertakings.

Liu pointed out that as the major symbol of China’s cultural heritages, Palace Museum is the witness to the history of Chinese nation and the important carrier of Chinese culture for its collection of numerous excellent cultural relics which are marvel creation of nature or even excelling the nature, and the accumulation of magnificent cultural connotation which are extensive and profound. Over the past 90 years, Palace Museum and Chinese nation share a common fate as well as destiny. Generation after generation, people serving for the Palace Museum always devote themselves to the protection on the “complete Palace Museum”, exert themselves to provide high-quality cultural resource for the public, and spare no effort to conduct talent cultivation and academic research. What they did has a positive impact on the development of modern Chinese museums and makes an important contribution to keeping national treasures, protecting China’s cultural vein, and carrying forward China’s traditional culture.

Ms. Liu Yandong stressed that culture is the spiritual bond for national survival and continuity as well as the mental strength of national development and renewal. Palace Museum, as one of the most famous museums at home and abroad, should further improve its management, push forward the construction of “safe Palace Museum”, protect and inherit cultural heritages well. Besides, we need to raise the service level, promote the ability of integrating into society and servicing it; strengthen exchanges and cooperation, vigorously carry forward China’s excellent traditional culture, increase the cultivation on talent, provide personnel support for the consecutive development of the Palace Museum. We must conscientiously conduct actions to protect, build, manage and develop the Palace Museum which is the extraordinary culture of China and stands on the top-ranking position in the world so as to make new contributions to the prosperity and development of Chinese culture.

In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the foundation of Palace Museum, four new areas were opened to visitors on 10th, including the Hall of Embodied Treasures (Baoyunlou), the Palace of Benevolent Peace (Cining Gong) area, Meridian Gate--the Wild Goose Wing Towers (Yanchi Lou) area and Donghua Gate (Donghuamen) area. The total area accessible to the public was increased into 65 percent from the original data of 52 percent. Among the newly opened areas, the Hall of Embodied Treasures (Baoyunlou), the only one built in the period of the Republic of China in the Palace Museum always hold the exhibition of the history of the Palace Museum in the early time. The Palace of Benevolent Peace (Cining Gong) area was set as sculpture gallery which emphasizes on exhibiting Buddha, pottery figurines, sculptures of mausoleum and other cultural relics; the main hall and the rear court home of the Palace of Longevity and Good Health (Shoukanggong) were assigned as the exhibition area of previous conditions, which is the original display when Empress Dowager Chongqing, the birth mother of Emperor Qianlong lived there; Meridian Gate and the Wild Goose Wing Towers in both west and east place hold the major exhibition of “Wanshou Shengdian of Qing dynasty” (the magnificent celebration for Emperor Kangxi’s sixtieth birthday); “Architectural art exhibition of the Forbidden City” was on display in Donghua gate tower (Donghuamen).

Mr. Luo Shugang, Minister of Culture attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Lv Zhangshen, Director of National Museum of China and Mr. Geng Baochang, research librarian of Palace Museum and the expert on researching ancient pottery and porcelain respectively delivered a speech on behalf of the brother unit-National Museum of China and people working for the Palace Museum. Mr. Shan Jixiang, Director of the Palace Museum hosted the opening ceremony.

Ms. Jiang Xiaojuan, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council; Mr. Jing Junhai, the Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China; Mr. Wang Xiaotao, Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Commission; Mr. Li Meng, Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China; Mr. Hu Jinglin, Vice Minister of Chinese Ministry of Finance; Mr. Li Xiaojie, Director of State Administration of Cultural Heritage; Mr. Chen Gang, Vice Mayor of Beijing; Mr. Yao Ligong, vice political commissar of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (CAPF); Mr. Yu Jianhua, director of fire control under the Ministry of Public Security; Mr. Fu Xinian, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and director member of the National Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee; Mr. Xie Chensheng, honorary president of Cultur Alrelic Academy China; Mr. Zhang Zhongpei, honorary director of Palace Museum Research Institute; Mr. Zheng Xinmiao, director of Palace Museum Research Institute; representatives, experts and scholars from leading coordinating group of “safe Palace Museum” project, different cultural relic museum units and some institutions of higher education attended and visited the newly-opened areas and the relevant exhibitions.

Strengthen the Protection on Cultural Relics,Carry forward Chinese Civilization,Create the Fresh Situation of Cultural Relics and Museum Undertakings